Vache Hunter

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  1. love the structured look but does it bother you when u sling it against your hip, it doesn't 'countoured" around ( as oppose to clemence)?
  2. I think it's the kind of leather that will become more supple (not softer) with use and time.
    Then it will really show itself at its best.
    Time = a few years.
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  3. Nope doesn't bother me. I enjoy the more structured look
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  4. I just received my Hunter Sellier Evelyn in natural and I love it. The leather is very stiff though and I wonder if it will soften with use. It looks a bit like Barenia and I hope it gains a patina and darkens a bit. I also can’t find the date code and craftsman info. Are these bags made by hand also. TIA :flowers:
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  5. Chagall, please post a picture.
  6. I've had my noir for a little over a year, and yes, it does soften up nicely - it's by no means a soft and supple leather like Clemence, but it's certainly not as firm as when new!
    I'm not sure about the production method, but there is certainly a date stamp inside the bag. I won't share where as I know it's preferred not to share these sorts of details, but have a look inside the bag at any finished leather surfaces.
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  7. I promise to post a snap in the morning. Not home right now:smile:
  8. Hi Freddie, I did find the stamp right after I posted lol. My bag was made in 2017. Nice to hear the leather gives a bit with use. I have a clemence Bolide and love it but this Hunter leather is beautiful. I have used it once and loved the structure and the fact that the items I put in my bag stayed where I put them. The ‘natural’ colour is nice but a bit lighter than it looked in the Hermes online store where I purchased it. I wouldn’t mind it darkening a bit. Thanks for your reply. :smile:
  9. No trouble! It’s truly a bag to be enjoyed and that I feel looks all the better for the little marks, scratches and such that it receives. Although I don’t think it will patina and change colour in the same way Barenia would, it will still develop character with age. Just be a little careful in heavy rain - although light splashes wiped away seen to be fine, I had missed a couple spots near the edges and have some mild blistering on an edge. Nothing serious mind, and it hasn’t stopped me enjoying my bag or taking it out in the snow today!
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  10. This is also my main concern and the only reason why my VH Evie has stayed in its dust bag for most of the winter. I can certainly live with scratches but the water blisters are rather unsightly IMO. Like you FM, I missed some droplets but in my case in a more prominent spot. I’m annoyed!!
    The Cabacity tote which is also in VH seems to be making a come back both in store and on line. Each time I see one, I regret having returned mine 24h after purchasing it until I realise I would have constantly worried about water marks. I live in London after all where the « occasional » rain shower is not unheard of...
  11. Oh no! I’m so sorry your blisters aren’t so discreet (and what a lovely sentence that is, reading it back!)

    I think the Cabacity may be a little too big for me to be so carefree with, although I imagine a slightly weathered appearance would suit it!

    It’s interesting that H has moved from using Hunter only on straps, handles and other accents to being a full body leather over the last few years. They must have some confidence in it.

    I wonder how it (re)conditions and repairs?
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  12. I looked through Doride's reference leather care thread and did not notice any mention of VH.
    I think it would be a very good idea to get her opinion on treatment that might reduce the danger from water drops.
    I managed to get a barenia Evelyne just before the VH styles appeared, otherwise i would be in the same predicament. They are great bags and I'm sure in five years time they will be even better - just that little bit more supple and will have acquired a special patina and quality with use.
  13. Oh no. We live with constant snow and sleet here so I will have to be careful. Perhaps our ‘evies’ should have been provided with raincoats like many of the other Hermes bags. There are a lot of warnings about clemence blistering from rain but my Bolide has been drenched and was fine. It does sound like it is a genuine concern with the hunter leather though. I am taking my new bag out today so will check the weather report. I absolutely love leather that has developed some character with use so the fine scratches won’t bother me.:smile:
  14. Maybe Docride will address the VH issues with rain damage and blistering now that the leather is becoming popular in entire bags rather than only in trim. Her advice on all the other leathers excellent. It is referred to as old saddle leather being brought back so I though it would be impervious to weather. I am disappointed as it sounded like indestructible leather. It is not practical to carry around a plastic bag to shelter her from the rain or a towel to dry her off. :biggrin:
  15. C6E69608-5A59-4002-954E-D604C16894AE.jpeg A picture of my new Hunter Sellier Evelyne in natural with the Collier de Chien bag charm also in hunter natural. :smile: