Vache Hunter

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  1. I concur with all that’s been written by my fellow TPFers. Got my VH Evie at Easter and -of course- it is now scratched in a few places. I knew this would happen and took this into account when deciding on buying that bag. I use public transport and when travelling during rush hours, cannot shield the bag from other commuters. It’s a beautiful piece (much nicer imo that the classic style l Like ittybitty wrote, VH will soften over time.
  2. Hi ittybitty- can you post a pic of the insert that you mentioned in the post above ??
  3. Yep - here you go

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  4. a few more...

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  5. Can I see the front and back? I want to see the unique wear/patina/scratches on your beautiful bag.
  6. wow, it does indeed soften later on, which I quite like. I'm also up for more front and back pictures, if you don't mind. :heart:
  7. My hunter baby 6 months on - a couple of major scratches on the closure (through my own idiocy and carelessness with nails and the fact it's a little snug when closed fully), plus a couple more minor scuffs on the side. Note the fingernail scratches have slowly closed up over time and unless you brush against the grain of the leather, all but disappear in most lights.

    You can also see the slight damage to the leather caused by my 'rain incident' I reported back on a couple months ago.

    Again, so long as water is removed fairly quickly no major harm done, but I missed a couple of drops for 30 mins- an hour and it cause just a little blistering, although it's settled somewhat and as the leather has softened has blended into the patina somewhat.

    Overall, I still maintain this is a stunning leather. Hard as nails, more resilient to scratching than a lot of other leathers and just needs to be a little careful with water and fingernails!

    IMG_0666.jpg IMG_0668.jpg IMG_0669.jpg
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  8. And a couple close ups showing the 'wear and tear' under different lights showing how more, or less, pronounced this can appear!

    IMG_0671.jpg IMG_0670.jpg IMG_0667.jpg IMG_0672.jpg
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  9. Thanks for sharing this story
  10. beautiful bag! thanks for sharing your experience
  11. Hope these help - almost daily use since last October

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  12. thanks for indulging me. considering the usage, I like that it still doesn't look as beat up as I expected. I am loving this leather more and more :smile:
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  13. Thank you!!!
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  14. Thank you so much for the posts!!! I think I’m gonna keep my bag- it’s beautiful :smile: I haven’t used mine yet as I wasn’t sure I want to keep it - but I really like it -thank you all for the posts
  15. Dear fellow tPFers, I've just added a black Herbag to my collection and I'd like to know your opinions and advice about the scratches on this leather, please. Have you tried using any conditioner for the scratches or do you leave them the way they are? ;) I'd really appreciate your opinions and experience. TIA! :flowers: