Vache Hunter

  1. So small update 24h on, things have settled down, but there seem to be a couple of raised ‘blotches’ that may become part of my Evie’s patina!

    Lostinlondon, like you I just like to ‘use’ my bags. Let’s face it, with the London rain and public transport, there’s little choice in the matter! I still think Hunter is pretty resilient, just not quite as impervious as i’d Previously thought. PS: I went for noir! One of those colours I always avoided for something a little brighter, but thought suited the stealth look really suited the design!
  2. Remember DocRide's 3feet/1metre rule for looking at bags.
    At the moment know just where to look, so you can see the evidence of the rain.
    It will be unnoticeable to anybody else.
    I think this leather will be at its best in a few years when it has naturally softened,
    then you will look back and know that you made a good choice.
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  3. Thanks for the update FreddieMac. Good weather forecast today and Evie is out again after resting at home yesterday. I’ll have to live with my choice and stop worrying every time there’s a chance of rain here in London.
  4. Seems like one might not need to wait a few years.
    Have only had mine for just over 1 month and I can already notice a difference in the softness of the leather. It’s really a beautiful piece!
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  5. that's good to read
    I feared it was a bit hard and glazey, like my old school satchel when it was new, but wonderful when older
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  6. Very true!

    Thanks for offering a bit of perspective. The first mark is always the hardest. I remember taking my Evergrain Cityhall our for the first day and getting a huge scratch across the face of it. Now there are plenty, they all blend into one and you don’t even see them a little way away!
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  7. Just catching up on some of the threads I made before I went on a holiday last year.

    It seems that I may have influenced some of you guys to get their Evelyne Selliers because of this thread. I feel kinda proud. lol

    Perhaps I should call myself... an influencer. :lol::lol::lol:

    #hermesshouldgivemeadiscount :lol:
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  8. You definitely influenced me!!!! :lol::wave::coolio:
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  9. how are you liking your Evelyne?
  10. I love it. Its really scratched now but also much softer. I like not having to worry about it anymore. I use my 35cm Bolide for work during the week, so the Evelyne still only gets used on the weekends though. Did you ever get the Birkin in vache hunter?
  11. That's good. No, I didn't get the Birkin. :smile:
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