Vache Hunter

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  1. I realise it is only three months since the start of this thread. I, too, am coming under the spell of the Sellier Evelyne and want one. But would any of you fortunate enough to have one or a Cabacity care to comment on how the Hunter leather is developing?
  2. Mine hasn't been out of its box !
    I'm of no help
  3. Well, I just examined mine thoroughly, and it doesn't look any different than how it did in the photo I posted on July 30. I have worn it about a dozen times since then. I think there is one tiny additional scratch near where the tab goes through the keeper piece. It might be a tad softer in general, or that might be my imagination!
  4. I've seen and feel the new vache hunter leather on the "evelyne sellier" and it looks/feeels like box I find...
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  5. I’ve had my black Evelyn sellier in vache hunter in size 29 since October 2017 and have used her daily for work since then. Been caught in the rain even...

    I’m only 5 ft tall and pretty petite and the 29 is a good size - any bigger and I think it’d be too big. I only wear it cross body.

    I get so many compliments on this bag, it’s so easy to use and very under the radar. I can see some scratches if I look really closely (because it’s black) but so far it still looks new and I’m really happy I made this impulse purchase during an invite-only event I attended at my H store when everything I had my eye on was sold out.
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  6. How much rain did it get on it? Any lasting damage? I find that I am still very paranoid about this bag and rain, but i want to be a little more carefree with it since I love it so much! Thanks!
  7. A LOT of rain. The inside did not get wet at all (I held it close to my body as I walked to work), but the outside got drenched. But, once I got inside I just wiped it off and let it air dry. You can’t even tell. This is most my most used and care free H bag (I have a lindy in clemence, B in barenia, and a C in swift). Honestly I don’t even think about it and use this bag so much. I don’t baby my bags but I don’t throw them around and drag them across the public bathroom floor either. Enjoy it!!
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  8. I am so happy to hear this! Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to be a little bolder with the bag now.
  9. Can anyone post pics of their vache hunter Evelyne Sellier's after a year or so of use? I tried one on today and I am in LOVE. :love: But I wonder if I am biting off more than I am prepared to handle with the scratchability of this leather. Scratches don't bother me as long as they blend back into the patina, like with box leather. Is this also true with vache hunter?
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  10. Mine is only a month or two old, but it's been incredibly hardy. I've picked up a couple of scratches on the edges and base when people have bumped into me, but the front looks spotless. Scratches are fairly discreet and look more like a raised bump, rather than a deep gouge. Although quite stiff, I think the leather is also quite 'rubbery' so has been quite forgiving.

    It's also been great in the London rain so far, not showing any markings and drops evaporating quickly when you don't get a chance to wipe them off first.

    After a few weeks the leather has already softened somewhat too. It's still incredibly structured, but not stiff.
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  11. Thank you you FreddieMac! I am pretty much sold on this bag. Now if only the money tree would grow faster!!!!
  12. So just a little word of warning to any Hunter lovers out there, I've been using my bag pretty care-free as it's felt bomb proof.

    Today I got caught in a pretty bad rain shower and despite my umbrella, I didn't realise the side of my Evie was getting wet. I mopped things off as best I could, maybe 10-15 minutes later, but I've got a bit of minor blistering to the side.

    It's pretty discreet and more of a rough texture than completely damaged, but just a word of warning.

    Fortunately the front is still looking as lovely as ever, so I'm not too devastated, but even so, beware!
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  13. ouch! sorry to read that
    perhaps it will be improved tomorrow and perhaps some Docride advice would be worth seeking.
  14. Thanks PJW5813!

    Fortunately it looks like getting out of the rain and drying out for the last 12 hours the marks seem to be fading and are almost gone. I've attached a picture of how the leather looks tonight, with the marks midway up the right edge. Let's see how things calm come morning!
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  15. You had me worried sick FreddieMac and I started seriously regretting my latest purchase (is yours also Bleu Nuit or is it black btw?). I believe we are both in London and after reading your initial post, I started thinking that I had not done the wisest thing getting a bag in a leather that cannot withstand a bit of rain. I do not baby my bags and can live with a few scratches here and there but I do not want unsightly permanent water marks or blisters. Now it looks like a few hours of rest might do the trick which is reassuring. Please keep up posted on how things have evolved overnight. Thanks.