Vache Hunter

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  1. I'm pretty sure the E Selliers are all Hunter and not Butler. Butler is somewhat more matte and Sombrero is VERY matte, almost powdery. I wish this bag worked on me! It does look great on DH.
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  2. Also, I feel that butler is not thick enough to give that kind of very rigid look Evelyne Selliers have.
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  3. Okay, my first scratch is out of the way (see picture attached), now I can relax!!?? I do feel less worried about it now, though. Some of you know I was stressing about the size - I did exchange for the 29cm size and very happy with it.

  4. i can't wait to see the grained VN too.
  5. And TankerToad! Weren't you going to post pictures of your new Fauve?? Thanks...
    Hi TankerToad! Weren't you going to post pictures of your new Fauve?? :yes:Thanks...
  6. Yes I have it but have been traveling and having even had it our if it's box
    I'll have more time next week
    Glad you are happy with the size
    It's such a stealthy cool urban bag
  7. Thanks! Definitely didn't mean to rush you. :smile:
  8. anyone have a photo of wearing an Evelyne Seller? I'm curios how the stiffer leather looks like worn on a person.
  9. I know it took forever but here are the pics of my straps. Havent gotten the chance to bring it to the boutique but planning to go this Sat.
    IMG_8692.JPG IMG_8693.JPG
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  10. Evelyne Sellier 29 in Fauve.

  11. Wow wow wow! The fauve is gorgeous. Congrats!
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  12. Hi kathydep. I would love to hear what your SA had to say about the straps if you don't mind sharing. My Herbag has very dry feeling leather and it has actually made me afraid to use it for fear of what has happened in your pictures. Thanks.

    The Vache Hunter used on the Herbag and as handles on things like my Mawari feels different from the Vache Hunter used for the Sellier bags. My SA and I compared them in the store today. He claims the Sellier will not get water spots as long as I dry it off. Does anyone know if this is true? The handle on my Marwari stains from water extremely easily.
  13. Hi hun! I talked to the repair manager today and brought my herbag. She showed it to the craftsman and he said that I shoud have not kept it in the box for too long (did not use for a year). She also said it cannot be sent to spa or use any cream on it since this Vache Hunter is dyed and treated compared to the natural one. She said the wrinkling will eventually occur, mine just came early because of storage. She gave me two options, 1) enjoy my barely used bag 2) replace all the wrinkled straps.

    I decided to do #1 first, then #2 in a few years!
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  14. Thanks for letting me know! So sorry to hear they can't do anything to treat it. I'm afraid my bag is on the verge of the same issue! I guess I better take it out and use it.
  15. I don't know about the water spots question - but I will post if I get caught in the rain.