Vache Hunter

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    230 years ago, you would have been sent directly to the Bastille for so much impertinence !!
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  2. So I've just given my Evelyne Sellier it's first proper clean and condition on it's 1 year anniversary and I have to say that it feels like he leather's really taken to it well. Smaller marks and dings are starting to blend nicely into the patina and have polished out a little, although of course larger/deeper scuffs and my slight water damage haven't magically gone away.

    From my limited experience with Box, I'd say this is starting to behave in a similar way with age, although naturally a firmer version of.

    What have the rest of you been finding with age?
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  3. FreddieMac, did you send your Evie Sellier to spa o did you do the cleaning and condition yourself (in that case, which product did you use)? By the way, I've seen docride recommends Meltonian All Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner for Vache Hunter.
  4. Hi Crisbac, total DIY job this time, certainly no need to send the bag in for spa'ing at this early age! I went in fairly easy with Lexol PH wipes and a gentle buff. Sadly I can't seem to track Meltonian products down over here, so will try a little Saphir Creme Universelle down the road as the bag gets more significant use and wear.
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    Thanks for sharing, FreddieMac! :smile: Congratulations on your DIY job! It's great to know what you used and how it went! I had to ask a friend to get Meltonian for me in the US next time she travels because there's no Meltonian in Argentina either. :doh: If you use Saphir in the future, I'll be attentive to the results. Thanks again!! :tup:
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