Vache Hunter

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  1. So I've searched around, and it seems like what has been written about vache hunter is outdated since most of the Hermès-related blogs still refer to it as a leather H uses "as a trim in Hermes bags such as the Etriviere and Herbag" and "is typically not used to adorn an entire handbag". These are not true anymore with the advent of unlined bags made entirely of hunter leather, such as the Birkin Sellier:
    The Evelyne Sellier:
    And the Cabacity, which is made up of two bags, the outer bag being made of vache hunter:
    Of these three bags I've only seen the Cabacity in real life and what I've noticed is that it's very stiff, a bit like cardboard. It looks durable but since I don't own any bag in hunter, I hope others can share their experiences with this leather and answer some questions like:

    1. Is it waterproof?

    2. Does it scratch easily?

    3. Does it patina over time or does it retain the matte texture?

    Hopefully by your contribution to this thread it can be some sort of help to others (including me) to decide if they want a vache hunter bag in their lives, or not :P

    P.S. I really want that Birkin.
    And that Evelyne. :biggrin:
  2. I JUST looked at that Evelyne a few minutes ago. (It's amazing, I came thisclose to taking it home.) Per my SA:
    It can handle water but don't get it drenched. It's not as delicate as Sombrero.
    It will "scratch like crazy" and it is supposed to, it is a classic leather (this along with the same stern look you get if you ask if Barenia scratches)
    It will patina but not get super shiny (it's not matte though, it has a sheen IRL. Sombrero is more matte)
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    Visiting the local store to bring my herbag I havent used in almost a year. The leather on the straps started looking cracked but as I looked closely, it was wrinkles from being dry. Just FYI. Leather is Hunter.
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  4. Yay! Thanks for sharing this info. I'm glad you went to the store today :biggrin: I hope someday when you get that Evelyne you'll share some pics with us. doesn't really show real life colors and I'm curious as to how red it actually is.
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  5. Oh I forgot to add in the first post to please share some pics if you have.

    Thank you! :flowers:
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    :biggrin: here you are!

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  7. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    Holy crap that's gorgeous! I can understand why you almost got it.
    Thank you for sharing :flowers:

    Now I'm imagining a Birkin Sellier in this color of hunter :loveeyes:
  8. OK, now I'm just stealing pics from other threads. This is PIPET83's gold hunter Evelyne 29 (I hope he doesn't mind me posting his pics; also check out that Birkin collection at the back :nuts:)


    And this is belhomme's Birkin Sellier :heart:

  9. And this is pretty99's Cabacity in "Khaki hunter with lime canvas shoulder bag". Pictures taken from his reveal thread:

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  10. From an eBay listing, a Maxibox in natural vache hunter from 2014:

    s-l500 2.jpg
  11. Allanrvj, I am so glad you started this thread! So obsessed with that Evelyne sellier too right now!!
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  12. Great thread!
    I really wanted the vache hunter Evelyne sellier once I saw it for the first time. However after seeing it IRL it just felt too "stiff" for me. It is maybe because I find the Evelyne a very "casual" bag and the fact that you can fit quite a lot of things inside (in slouchy leathers). I believe it is more about personal preferences, for me cross body bags are workhorses. The structured and stiff vache hunter fits imo Birkins, Maxiboxes, Capacity etc really well though. It is just a question about the bags use and overall shape.
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    yeah, that's what I keep on hearing. they want the Evelyne to conform to their body shapes rather than being stiff

    DiamondS, please share some pics of your hunter bags if you have them :heart:
  14. Really good point.
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