Vache Hunter, Sikkim and Tadelakt... PICS ONLY!!!

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    Please post photos of your bags in Vache Hunter, Sikkim and Tadelakt. Please indicate the color name, style bag, and leather of the bag you are posting.

    Please remember this is a picture only thread... NO CHATTER!!!

    Thank you!
  2. violet tadalak Kelly 35cm retourne
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  3. Fauve veau tadelakt Bearn wallet phw


  4. Fauve veau tadelakt Globetrotter zip GM agenda



  5. Griolet Tadelakt 35cm Paris Bombay and Collier de Chien

  6. 24/24 GM in ebene sikkem
    082909 534.jpg
  7. kelly cut, violet, tadelakt, gold hardware

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  8. Tadelakt Jige Elan 35, bleu thalassa:


    thal 1.jpg thal 2.jpg
  9. alezan tadelakt kelly pochette
    alezan kp.JPG
  10. griolet jige PM in taledakt leather
    Jige PM griolet.jpg
  11. Kelly Cut in Prune Tadelakt
    Hermes 072.jpg
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  12. Tadelakt..
    Fauve Tadelakt_1.jpg Fauve T_3.jpg
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  13. Birkin Ghillies 30 in Rubis Tadelakt, Permabrass HDW
    ghilles.jpg IMG03640-20120804-1925.jpg
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  14. taurillon sakkam bolide relax 35

  15. Tadelakt Argile Guilloche
    Courtesy of malleries