Vaccines and Autism

  1. So... the other day I was talking with my neighbor and found out that she has not yet vaccinated her 9mo old baby and is waiting I believe until after 18 months because of a possible link with vaccines and Autism. I know very very little about Autism, but I know that doctors don't seem to know much either. I had never heard of this, but who am I to say it's wrong? I was then watching Oprah today and it was about Autism and a parent of an Autistic child brought up this same thing. The doctor on the show shunned this at first, and the parent came back and told her that this hasn't been cancelled out as a cause. I was just wondering, have any of you put off vaccines for this reason? I read that it's not a huge risk living in the states then if you lived in, say, Africa which makes complete sense. But these poor parents took their babies to the doctor knowing something was wrong and they were basically laughed at saying it was first time parent jitters... and years later the kids were diagnosed with Autism. What a scary thing.
  2. I don't have any kids yet, but I sure would do alot of research into it before deciding. I think waiting may be a viable option, but, again, I haven't done enough research to give an absolute answer. I do believe there is a good chance that the preservatives in the vaccines may be related to autism in some children. The best advice I can give is do as much research as you can to make the most informed decision. Good luck.
  3. this can be a VERY controversial topic, lots of varying opinions:yes:
    I have a neighbor across the street w/ twins just a year older than mine, her's are autistic, but not at all severe. She swears it was the vax.
    Her's actually seem to have more of mercury poisoning symptoms though, they go to "chelating" and have special diets to help dilute it.
    I actually have 2 friends w/ twins that are considered autistic.

    The research on it has come a LONG way and there's no proven connection, just coincidences for now as far as I know.

    I'll see if I can find any recent publications that aren't from one side or the other.

    My children have all been vaccinated on schedule w/o any trouble.
  4. It is my understanding the concerns with vaccines have stemmed from the preservatives used. I think that the medical industry has made some changes which have made vaccines perfectly safe.
    My son has been vaccinated according to schedule. I have read a bunch of articles on this subject and it is my opinion (not meant to offend anyone) that the known risks involved in not vaccinating a child far exceed the speculation surrounding vaccines. JMO
  5. Sorry if this is a dumb question... but does that have to do with her consuming too much mercury during pregnancy?
  6. I was really hesitant about getting my daughter vaccinated but it's the best thing to do. She did wind up having a reaction with her first set which scared the crap out of me. I think it had to do with her being small & too much at once. We started getting her shots spread out & she never had another reaction. Like Swanky said there will be a lot of different opinions on this subject. For me shots are very important. America has wiped out a lot of diseases by vaccinating. There are a lot of parents who have decided not to have their children vax. for whatever reason(s). This puts a lot of children at risk & opens the door for disease to spread. There are people who come into the U.S. legal & not who havent been vaccinated & not all countries vaccinate against the same diseases. For me, the benefits outweigh the risks. I have a feeling we will see diseases we vaccinate against make a return.
  7. We've vaccinated all of our kids on schedule and they all are fine.
  8. Julia is vaccinated on schedule, except that we have refused the Hep B vaccine for now. Bart and I are not vaccinated against it (our mothers both didn't want us to be)...We are still considering it and may vaccinate against it at a later date.

    I won't be vaccinating against Chicken Pox though.
  9. Not a dumb question at all. Fish is not the only source of mercury...older tooth fillings are also a source, so are older vaccinations. The mother could have passed the mercury from her fillings to her child, or it could have been from a vaccination. Chances are if the mother had some sort of excess of mercury, it would get passed to her child.

    Vaccinations are a very touchy subject...there is no right or wrong answer. Just too much is unknown at this time about it and it is a difficult area to study.

    I currently don't have any children, but have medical conditions in which the vaccines I received as a baby probably were a big factor...keep in mind this was in the mid 80s and they have changed a lot.

    While a lot of information on vaccines is purely speculatory...personally, I don't plan on vaccinating my future kids until they are a bit older. I'm not saying vaccinations are bad and I'll never do it, but I'll just wait some.

    Just my personal experience talking. There is no right or wrong here, its a personal preference.
  10. You know the chicken pox vaccine is one I think is unnecessary. I got through chicken pox just fine, my husband got through it, all my brother & sisters did, most of us do. About 14,000 people are hospitalized because of chicken pox and approximately 100 people die of chickenpox every year. Those numbers are very small compared to population. Not only that, with the varicella vaccine there is a good chance of still getting the illness but it would be more mild. If there is a good chance of getting it even with a vaccine you might as well skip an injection of who knows what & let your body fight it. JMHO edited to say this vaccine is one I had my Dr. hold off on.
  11. Absolutely. I had the CPs pretty bad (in the nose, throat, ears, etc) and DH had a normal case of it, but we're both alive now. My cousin didn't have the chicken pox as a child, and she received the vax for it...2 weeks later she got the chicken pox! hah, granted it was a mild case, but still!
  12. Some research has been conducted in developing countries, and in the Indian subcontinent incidence of autism is pretty rare compared to US (as are other diseases such as Alzheimer's, MS etc). As most children of those countries DO get vaccinated on schedule, there does not seem to be a direct relation between vaccines and autism in those countries from available statistical data.
  13. My 3 year old son is actually considered "autistic" on the lower level but I think his diagnosis had alot more to do with his prematurity (he was born at 31 weeks and weighed 2 pounds, 6 oz). As far as autism being linked to vaccinations, I am no DR but personally, I would rather my children be vaccinated against all the potential diseases there are out there than putting them at risk because there is a risk of autism. The DR has had my children vaccinated against everything on schedule and they're fine but this could also be because I strongly believe my son's autism is not because of vaccines, but because of his medical history. (My youngest son is a "normal" child.)

    A little off topic but, I read in an article that right now the hot topic of autism is around because when Dr's dont know what is wrong with a child, that is directly at what they point at. There are some Dr's who diagnose autism without doing proper tests and evaluations and that I think is wrong. My son has had to go through intense testing (MRI's...sleep evaluations...Chromosome testing...Acid something testing...the list goes on.) and it really saddens me when I speak to other parents whose children have been diagnosed with autism and have not had all the tests done. I think DR's are making autism seem lighter than it really is when in fact, it's very sad. (Spoken as the mother of an autistic child.)
  14. I am currently completing a PhD in the area of developmental psychology...and autism is an area that I do research in! I just returned in May from an international autism conference (where the 'best of the best' were at)...and we're still at a standstill in terms of understanding a cause.
    I sat through several genetics (which was painful) talks...where they have yet to identify specific genes...but rather they know that it is somewhere in the area of 10+ genes that are involved in autism...the key is the figure out how these genes are activated.
    AND...that is just what they are uncovering with 'autism'...nevermind Aspergers, PDD (pervasive developmental disorder), PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specific), CDD (childhood disintegrative disorder), autism with regression (where autism does not onset until 18-24 mos.) well as cases of the above that are comorbid (co-occurring with) with other disorders such as Downs, Fragile X, seizure disorder, etc.

    It is so very complex....and I *personally* feel that the blame does not lie solely in vaccinations (although it could be a contributing factor). You cannot (and no one has) say that vaccines CAUSE autism...there are just some studies that have found correlations. In studies (some published...others are currently 'in press') are beginning to identify symptoms of autism as young as 6 mos. of age....and people who make the tests are developing one that can identify ad diagnose at 6 mo. so that children can begin interventions earlier.

    Phew...sorry for being so long. I don't have a child with autism...but it's an area of research I am involved in and am passionate about!
  15. thanks twiggy!