Vacaville outlet

  1. We were driving down to Oakland (from WA) for Christmas and passed by the Vacaville outlet yesterday afternoon. DH kindly said that we could take a quick rest break and I could make a stop at Coach.

    I was so excited and dashed all the way to the store but there were long lines outside and there was no way we could take such a long break so I sadly tried to peep in through the window to see what they had. Couldn't see if they had any Legacy bags. Has anyone been there recently and know what they had? I might be able to swing by there again on our drive home.
  2. I was there Christmas Eve and I saw they had a few white Ali hippies (one had a mark and was 50% off), a gray Legacy leather shoulder bag, and a few Leigh leather pocket flaps, from what I can remember.
  3. I was there a couple weeks ago and they all the Legacy stuff everyone's been buying here.