Vacaville Outlet - Anyone Been Lately?

  1. Was just wondering if anyone had been to the Vacaville outlet lately and whether they had any great deals or new stuff?
  2. Bumping this up because I'm going there later this week and would love to know, too. Thanks!
  3. Cool - I'm going today so will report back later
  4. I just there on Saturday afternoon and the place was quite busy. They had some great deals. Here's what I remember seeing:

    Studded gallery tote: $207.99 (both gold and chocolate colors)
    Hamptons small signature carryall: around $130 - $145 after addl' discount
    Hamptons med. Signature CarryAll (black only)
    Hamptons signature hobo (black only)
    Hamptons leather signature hobo
    Hamptons leather singature pouch
    Hamptons signature large flap satchel
    Slim Carly - leather
    Carly signature - medium
    Bleeker leather duffle
    Lurex wristlets
    Signature stripe small hobo
    Signature stripe demi
    Patent leather gallery tote (burgundy)
    North-South signature gallery tote
    Ergo signature small hobo (khaki/chocolate)
    Ergo belted leather hobo, large (chocolate)
    Ergo belted signature flap
    Ergo signature flap

    Sorry, I can't recall anything else as I only dropped by the outlet for about 15 minutes or so to do a return and an exchange.
  5. Wow - Expy00 - you have an amazing memory - all that in 15 min!! I was there a bit longer this afternoon and they had a lot of things and I overheard a SA saying there was a ton of really good new stuff coming in this week. Right now they have 20% off everything in the store - sorry, forgot to ask when that ends. In addition to the above I saw:

    Tons of mini skinnys- lots in lurex
    Lots of new wallets including some that I saw in the regular Coach store on Sat. They had a ton of smaller wallets in black sig w/ black lthr and khaki sig w/ gold metallic - several sizes in those.
    Good selection of keyfobs - saw the new snowflakes, moon/stars, the Coach letters one and a ton of the leather ones. A few charms bu tpretty picked over.
    Lots of metallic clutches and a few scarves - no sunnies at all

    They had a few of the nicer bags - including that huge Bleeker patchwork tote, but it wasn't that much of a bargain - I think still close to $600 or thereabouts - plus the 20% - they only had one. They had a bunch of the solid Bleeker tote/hobos - I think they were $228 plus the 20%. Also saw some Chelsea bags - can't remmber which ones - satchels I think. Also had one of those large totes that has the blanket fabric on it - sorry, I'm not up on Coach at all anymore and the photo wasn't on the website anymore. I got a clutch that I'm going to use for my makeup, a couple of keyfobs and a scarf - couldn't find a wallet I liked.
  6. I actually had to defer back to the Coach web site to trigger my memory, Suzzee :p Unfortunately, I didn't have time to check out the accessories or key chains as my BF was "patiently" waiting for me to finish doing a run through of the store and then making sure that I was being good and only did a return and exchange :angel: Also, I forgot to mention earlier that an SA informed me that they might be getting a shipment of the black patent Ergo hobos in the medium or large size. I had the SA take down my information and place me on their "call back" list in case they do receive the Ergo hobo(s).
  7. Thanks for the info! The black patent Ergo has been on my wish list since it came out. I have the next few days off so I definately will be heading over there.:yahoo:
  8. Ask them to place you on the "call back" list as well. I think that the SA mentioned that the bag might be sold at about $320 or so after the add'l discount. However, she told me not to count on that though since she wasn't sure whether or not the bag would be initially priced at the retail or factory price.
  9. I was there today and picked up this wristlet for $40 and signature stripe demi for $111!! I also got the Slim Carly but I'm thinking of returning it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. WOW! You got lots of great goodies! Congrats!
  11. What is the callback list for? Just any bag you are watching for? If I am waiting for medium Carlys, could I ask to be on this list?
  12. How much was the Slim Carly? Was it blue like the photo?

  13. Yes, the SA will take down your contact information and hopefully they will call if they receive the bag that you're interested in.

  14. Great buys!! You got an incredible deal on the wristlet and demi. I actually returned a blue (stripe) signature demi this past Saturday. When I was doing the return, the SA mentioned that someone else had returned one earlier that morning as well. I actually prefer returning the boutique items to the outlet in the hopes that either the SAs or some other customer will get a great deal on the item :smile:

  15. The slim carly was $343 and blue. It's a nice bag but I think it's too big for me.