Vacations: Favorite and Most Disappointing?

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  1. What was your favorite vacation/location?

    What vacation and/or location disappointed you the most?
  2. I hated the Bahamas ... it was boring and fake. Everything was built for the tourists. Even the fruit was imported.
  3. My annual trip to Miami..a week and a half in South Beach, a few days in Bal Harbour, and a few days in Ft Lauderdale.

    Mauritius ranks pretty high too.

    I'm not sure i'm ever disapointed by vacations because each one brings totally different experiences.

    Though I despise resorts and would rather go to a metropolitian city anyday then some all inclusive resort. I hate JUST sitting on the beach.
  4. I love Cabo San Lucas. Time just stops when you are there.
    I hated Bermuda. It was incredibly beautiful but so uptight!
    Too many rules.
  5. BARCELONA is off the hook!!!! i went last year in July. There are so many things to see and so many places to party

    Haven't had a disappointing one yet.
  6. Loved:
    Boulders Spa and Resort in Arizona
    spent time by the pool reading trashy novels, had 2 treatments a day, enjoyed the Az climate and animals... it was excellent!

    San Diego
    My husband dragged me around to every damned scenic place and I had blisters on the soles of my feet for weeks afterwards. Travel shouldn't be about pain!
  7. Loved:

    Four Seasons in Maui- just incredible!!!
    Paris- just because you are in paris- love this city
    Aruba- we loved it there!
    Las Vegas is always a great time!
    NYC! no need to say anything more- its NYC!


    I can't say I have really disliked anywhere. The only place I could give a mediocre review was Montreal, and that was only because it was in the Winter. So it wasn't the city's fault, it was our timing. The city itself is wonderful. But just don't go in the winter!

    Puerto Vallarta- this was just ok. Nothing fabulous.
  8. Worst: Las Vegas....

    the tackiest place on earth...

    Sorry, forgive me...I am so opinionated today!

    Save the best for Last:

    Biarritz in the French Basque Country…sublime!
  9. Monaco awesome on or off season!!
    Austria was a bummer, took the tour with a guy telling us about the history while smoking and talking on his cellphone.
    Amsterdam, exverything you've heard and more!
    Malaysia, good combo of shopping and beach.
  10. Best:
    Honeymoon at was perfect and lots of fun!
    ...and trip to started snowing the moment our plane touched down!

    the worst thing was coming home from vacation two weeks ago Friday and finding my kitty nearly dead. Fortunately he came home last Friday and is recovering. He ate a tape from an audiocassette and had to have surgery to remove the tape and repair a perforated intestine. But the vacation was good...just not the welcome home!
  11. One of the best was the Atlantis in the Bahamas.

    I don't have a worst. Its all what you make it!
  12. Best: I loooove going to Italy. Prague was one of my favorites too.

    Worst: Our first experience cruising we did Carnival. BLEH. But then, I guess there wasn't anything that was ever horrible about it, we just didn't enjoy it and have since always enjoyed it more. My dad didn't really know what he was doing, lol, and a coworker recommended Carnival. I'm sure that is fine for some, probably with younger kids.
  13. Best: they've all been great, but I find myself missing Wyoming a lot. Runners up would be Block Island, RI and Lucerne, Switzerland. Hong Kong is great too.

    Most Disappointing: St. Tropez...beaches were overrated (then again I come from Long Island, so I'm biased) and things just seemed dirty. The country side was the only saving grace on that trip.
  14. My fav and my least fav are the same place: Maui. Maui itself was phenomenal but I visited with my dad's dysfunctional family and unfortunately spent a good deal of the vacation in one screaming match or another. Def. going back to Maui, never going ANYWHERE again with my dad's family!

    Also loved Washington DC, what a cool city!
  15. ETenebris, glad your kitty is feeling better!