Vacationing in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  1. hi everyone! anyone here from Kuala Lumpur or has been to KL? il be vacationing with friends to Malaysia next month whats are good sights to see? shopping ? great malls? great must try restaurants ? ( i love to eat :yes: ) how is the shopping in the airport ? tia :heart:
  2. I'd love to know that too :biggrin: we're hoping to visit this year!! Can't wait!!! :smile:
  3. OMG its one of the bestest places i'd ever been to

    shoppping is insane and prices are quite good is terrific .. * i live in the middle east and its HOT most of the year so KL was heaven LOL* ..

    lots of shopping malls + great restaurants + natural views ...

    make sure u visit sunway lagoon + genting

    Gooooood Luck :biggrin:

    PM me if u need anything dear
  4. I travel to KL for work about 2x/year...the KLCC mall is a Huge shopping mall next to the Petronas Towers. There are other shopping malls there too...can't remember the name but there's Gucci, Prada and some other stores there too. There are a few great markets too.

    Good exchange rate for the US $ (well, at least last time I was there in August). Don't know what your budget is but I stay at the Mandarin Oriental hotel (OMG, to die for!!) next to KLCC/Petronas or the Shangri-La (within walking distance to KLCC and other restaurants/clubs. Near the train line to get around in the city - very easy to do).

    Have fun!!
  5. I've been to KL a few times for holiday and the food and shopping is to die for!! And i mean to die for especially those along the little alley and stuff. Make sure you visit the KLCC shopping centre at the twin towers and Starhill. I assume if you're on tpf, you might wanna do your spot of bag shopping :yahoo: . There's always some cultural thing going on as well, you can ask your concierge about it and do check out sunway lagoon with is like a waterpark. There are many great swanky and boutique hotels as well and please go to Bukit Bintang where all the restaurants and night spots are and you might bump into a celebrity or two which i doubt you'd recgonize but if you wanna people watch, thats the place to be. Hope you enjoy ur stay!!!
  6. Hi Kaka,

    I live in KL.

    Great shopping in :
    1. KLCC (huge mall with all your regular names plus "Aseana" which has Asian designers)
    2. Starhill - the usual big names
    3. Sungei Wang - funky street trendy small shops
    4. Petaling Street - night market stalls. interesting but probably not much to buy. If you dare, you should sample the stall food

    2. Nice restaurants :
    - Bangsar area (get the cab to drop you there and you can walk around to see what you like)
    - HEritage row (some very nice restaurants. this area is near city centre)

    Hope you enjoy your trip.
  7. prettyfit, taryn, redney thanks for the tips really appreciate it :smile: im going next week im so excited :smile:
  8. il be leaving for KL tom any other nice places too see and places to eat, i love to eat :smile: