Vacation time!


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Jan 4, 2006
I'm off on vacation tomorrow until February 5, I spend tomorrow in Fort Lauderdale and meet up with my Mum who's flying in from Montreal - we get on Celebrity's Infinity for a weeks Caribbean cruise and shop!

Have a great week and I'll miss y'all a ton -

Awww... I'd love to be in Fort Lauderdale right about now. I always enjoy visiting Megs' family there, I love that place.

Enjoy your vacation!
Have a blast - I love looking at cruise buffet photos; I don't know if it is the ice sculptures or just the endless supply of goodies...

Well, have a great time, be safe, and can't wait to hear about the shopping. :biggrin:
awww...lucky you. i could use a little beach time. we had temperatures between -4°F and 14°F (-20 to -10°c) here this week and i have lost the will to live.
Hi guys, sure missed the forum but having a blast catching up on all the new threads and posts.

I had a great time :smile: I've been on enough cruises with Celebrity Cruises to be in their "Captain Club Elite" status, gives us some extra perks etc. My Mom and I had second night at the Captain's table for dinner, a tour of the Navigation Bridge one day, and all sorts of fun events.

I won $625 on the 25 cent slot machines first day out! It covered our excursions for the cruise and some extra shopping.

I didnt' find anything I really wanted at the Coach Factory Outlet in San Juan, they did have the Holiday Patchwork small handbag but I really liked the shoulder bag and tote which they didn't have. I went across the street to Dooney & Burke and bought a "train case" - its a hard sided leather carrier for makeup with a mirror, also a couple of their zip up jewelry cases, everything that was red or pink was on extra 25% discount for Valentine's I guess.

When we were in St. Thomas, I bought a Movado Esperanza watch with 20 diamonds at "Jewels of the Carribean". That was my exciting purchase :smile:

The weather was great, a couple of cloudy mornings but otherwise wonderful. Went snorkling in the Dominican Republic off the coast of Catalina Island, Shopped in San Juan, went to Megan's Bay and Coral World in St. Thomas and bought the watch, in Nassau in the Bahamas I checked out some Burberry stuff at the Solomon's Mines store then went to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island for a tour and one of my favourite meals ever at Bamini Road restaurant at the resort - wow never knew I'd love Bahamian food but it was incredible.

That was my trip in a nutshell and i think that was a great itinerary for some fun browsing and shopping as well as tours.

Ok back to catching up on my reading the threads :smile:
Gosh, I never win anything on slot machines... they just eat my money :amuse:

Great to hear you had good time... was it warm and all?

Can't imagine, ist's - 20 C here :Push:
Thanks for the welcome back:smile:

Here's some pictures of what I got.


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