vacation time, where can i go to spot a birkin?

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  1. I am planning my vacation in the next 2 weeks. Since I never see a birkin in person, I'd like to go try my luck and spot one in the store somewhere. But where? well, other than vegas...Any suggestion? hope it's not middle of nowhere...
  2. Paris would be your best bet I think.
  3. My DH says "they are everywhere" in Paris.
  4. Great question...LOL! Not a chance in Florida, so scratch that off your list.
  5. New York City, they're everywhere as well. Birkins are omnipresent here.
  6. Paris or Beverly Hills. In BH there are 2 travel ones and this past month I saw more than one lizard in the case.
  7. Upper east side!
  8. i always see birkins when i go shopping on rodeo in beverly hills.
  9. You're talking about a Birkin being present "on the shelf," right?

    Paris or Hawaii.
  10. Paris!

    (And Hawaii too?)
  11. how do you say "ditto" in french?
  12. I havent seen people wearing Birkings in Paris but you wil be able to see them on display at the store. However, I saw many in NYC...particularly at the Saks shoe department.
  13. In Paris.. ull only see ppl carrying birkins IN Hermes otherwise, its just rare!! strange!
  14. Got to the Four Seasons George V hotel. Or the shopping around that area.
  15. Beverly Hills along Rodeo Drive. Just hang out in the H store and you will see regular clients carrying their Birkins or Kellys in action.