VACATION TIME IS ALMOST HERE! but what to buy to carry our stuff?

  1. hey all, im going to be all over the UK mid july to mid august, and i need to start looking for luggage that fits these requirements
    One large suitcase weighing no more than 44 pounds and measuring no more than 54 inches (height + length + width)

    One carry-on bag with total dimensions not to exceed 39 inches (height + length + width) and a maximum weight of 11 pounds.

    EEEK, i take a back pack and a duffel bag just to go OVERNIGHT! it has to have some sort of wheels and handle i would imagine. i would like some nice ones, not something to break the bank, but yes any suggestions?
  2. Hi aarti, what exactly constitutes "does not break the bank"? :biggrin: Do you hate stuff like hearts and flowers?
  3. im not a hearts and flowers fan, im talking about big designer luggage, cant afford that just yet.
  4. I would go with Samsonite because its durable, well designed, and moderately priced. They have some stores and outlets, but also sell at department stores like Macy's. If you're not too picky about color and small details, you can pick one up at places like Marshalls and Ross for under $100. If like more style (and don't mind a little higher price), the Kenneth Cole Reaction line is good too.
  5. How about luggage by Ricardo Beverly Hills (please read the reviews as well):

    Del Mar Lite 25" 2-compartment Pullman Suiter $116-99 now
    A little small perhaps (suitable for 4-7 days trip) but it meets the 54 inches requirement.
    Del mar Lite Multi-Pocket Wheeled Tote - $71-99 now
    Total: 38"
  6. I agree with ValleyOpressed. If you're looking for a durable luggage that will last years and years, get a Samsonite. I have one passed over from my parents (they got it before I was born), it had travelled with them and with me for years and years and still very reliable. That was the 200 series I believe, hardtop with wheels. But my favorite one is the 400 series Samsonite® Cruisair™ Spinners. It's got 4 wheels so it's very easy to navigate. Both of them I have in hardside cause they're more durable. Samsonite has factory outlets also if you want to save money. But they're pretty reasonably priced for such quality. And they have multiple different colors so you don't have to get stuck with plain ol' black (unless, of course, you prefer black :biggrin: )
  7. Most of my luggage is from Swiss Army. I have had the pieces for about 5 years and they have held up very well.