Vacation time for me too!

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  1. I'm leaving tomorrow for a ski trip to Lake Tahoe. I'm returning to NY on 2/5. Have a great week bag blogging! I'll catch up with you guys on the 5th.
  2. Have so much fun!! :biggrin: I can't wait to go snowboarding in a couple of weeks!!
  3. Have a wonderful time! :biggrin:
  4. Have fun! Tahoe is beautiful!
  5. Have Fun!!!
  6. i hope you'll have a great time kat!
  7. Have a wonderful time and lots of fun! Tell us about it when you get back.
  8. skiing seems like so much fun, but i'm so scared to do it! i have a really bad ankle from playing soccer in middle school and i dislocated my knee last year in an unfortunate incident on a University bus, so it just seems like a reinjury waiting to happen...

    have fun so i can live vicariously through you! (my knee will thank you for it...)
  9. Have a SUPER time KAT.....waiting patiently for your pics of Judith Leiber:nuts: !!!