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Travel Vacation suggests for August


Jun 5, 2007
There are 4 of us that want to go on vacation sometime mid to end of August. We are thinking about a cruise or someplace warm. I know it is hurricane season in many places, so just wondering what a safe option would be. Any suggestions?


Jun 13, 2012
I love Bali. it's safe as there are many police and security guards everywhere. Don't be scared. Locals love tourists and are very helpful. I go back almost every year whenever there are cheap flights. hire a villa around seminyak as they're still new, modern with a traditional feel to it and quieter than hotels in kuta/legian (tourist hotspot). Beautiful place but unfortunately not as clean as it used to be.
Also, best part about it is the cheap day spas everywhere. Go to the more expensive ones though for cleaner, relaxing environment. Still way cheaper over there than in your home country!