Vacation Planning Advice Needed - going to HK!!

  1. So I am planning a trip to Hong Kong (and maybe other parts of Asia like Taiwan or even South Korea) for November. :smile: I have an aunt, uncle and a cousin (around the same age as me) who live in HK and I'll be staying with them. At first, I'll be living with my cousin in her apartment. She has taken a week and a half off from work to take me to Australia for a week and show me around HK for the last few days of her time-off.

    Now my question is... how long should my trip be? I'm being pressured by my travel agent to provide the return date so she can finalize the airplane ticket. I've decided my departure date will be Nov 7. I don't know if I should take 4 weeks or 5 weeks for my trip. I am wondering, will I get bored being by myself in HK during the daytime? I've been to HK before and am familiar with their transportation system, like the MTR and I'm confident I could figure out how to take the buses to the major shopping areas and some of the accesible tourist attractions. Also, I am waiting for a reply from a friend who lives in Taiwan to tell me if they will be away from Taipei for business or if they'll be in the city - I could then take a 3 / 4 day trip to Taipei if they're available. but they're taking very long to reply. Same with my friends in South Korea. they're taking a while to reply to my message as well.

    I'm getting so stressed out about planning this trip. :confused1: It was hard convincing my boss to give me the time off since I've only been at this job for 4 months. I need to give him the date of when I return to work too.

    If anyone can please give me some advice on trip planning, I'd really appreciate it! I want to get the most out of my trip since I won't have another chance to take so much time off.

    Thanks :heart:
  2. personally, I would do 4 weeks. I was there for 1 week visiting my family and I was ready to go home! But that's just me...I can't be in the same place for very long. Good luck! Have a great trip!
  3. I'm a big loser so can't help much but just got back from Taipei and I think you could do a week there (Taiwan). Taipei 101 was cool (only 3 weeks out of tallest building in the world). As well there is the national museum. There is a high speed train that goes to the south end of the island and someone I met was talking about hot springs (don't have any additional info than that).

    HK is cool too.. I'll get back there one day but my standing advice is go to the Peak and day trips to Macau are good too.
  4. Thanks gals for your input!
  5. I just got back from HK last week....spent a week there, which I think it was enough. The shopping malls should be on your to-visit-list, but I think the Ocean Park is also definitely worth a visit if you want something different (me, my husband, and my 1 year old son love the Aquarium, amazing Jelly Fish, and cutie Panda).
    I don't know if you already know about this, but the Symphony of Lights attraction (everyday at 8 pm) is quite take a ferry from Hong Kong side to Kowloon side, arrive in Avenue of Stars...from that place you can see the lights of all buildings in the HK side perform (that's why they call it Symphony of Lights). If you go on Saturday night, they will also have fireworks...
    And trips to Macau are casinos! :p

    Have a grand vacation!
  6. 3 weeks should be suffice unless you're planning to go to another country. Anything longer than that would be boring. HTHS!