Vacation packages paid monthly in advance?

  1. Hi all, my sister just told me that she and her hubby are taking an awesome cruise in February 2008. They're leaving from Florida and going to Nassau and a few more places (I forgot already).

    Can anyone recommend a company or website that offers vacations that you pay monthly for in advance? It seems like a better way to afford a large vacation.

  2. Hi! Can you clarify? are you asking if there is a company you can work for that will pay you a month in advance for a vacation??? If not.. please disregard - I'm not following. :p

    If so.. well most (larger) companies do vacation accrual or you get x weeks/yr. Does that help? :smile:
  3. I've never heard of being allowed to pay on a monthly basis for vacations, but and will allow you to pay half up front and the remainder right before the trip.

    Another option that maybe she should consider is opening an ING account and depositing the trip money there so they can earn interest (4.75% I think) and then pay for the cruise in one lump sum when they're ready.
  4. I've also never heard of being able to make monthly payments for vacations. But I do know that with most cruises, you pay a fairly sizable down payment when you book the cruise and you pay for airline tickets when you purchase them. Then the remainder of the cruise cost and onboard expenses are billed at the time of the trip. So, expenses do end up being spread out pretty well. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  5. I don't know about paying monthly, but if you pay half before the trip, which is usually required, and set aside the rest of the money monthly until you owe the remainder, it should work out! You'll have to pay the remainder of what you're billed for the ship usually before you board, but then also remember everything you're billed on board will be charged as you leave the ship and that adds up to quite a bit too, usually... at least for me.

    Maybe if you contact the cruise company they'd have an option available for you.
  6. I was thinking the same thing about the ING account!
  7. Most companies like a deposit with the balance due usually 60 days before you leave. So you can save up monthly and then pay when the balance is due.
  8. most cruise companies offer a payment plan if that is what you re referring to. Just call up carnival, royal, etc and see what they have to offer;)
  9. Ah, yes, that's the info I was looking for!

    If anyone knows of other vacation packages besides cruises that I can pay monthly in advance, let me know! Thanks!
  10. I love cruising. makes me wanna go on one...BAD
  11. The bank savings account idea sounds good to me.

    The travel industry can be pretty unstable. What if you paid monthly and then a few weeks before the trip, a hurricane devasted your vacation spot? Or the cruise ship you were booked on needed to be docked for fumigation? Or the airline you have tickets for went on strike?

    You can get some good deals on tours. I would pay the least amount for the deposit and pay the remainder at the last minute. And I would only book with a large company with a long reputation.

    Bon voyage!