Vacation in France?

  1. I plan on vacationing in France sometime this year. I've been wanting to go for a while now (I've been to the U.K. but not anywhere else in Europe).

    I was wondering where to go? I know for sure we'll be making a stop in Paris. What about the French Riviera? Anyone vacation in Saint-Tropez? What time of the year if the best to go? What about shopping HOT SPOTS? :yes:

    Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Marseille:yahoo: Also, be sure to check out Aix-en-Provence and a must is Champs Ellesse shopping in Pairs.
    Have a wonderful time!
  3. oh you'll LOVE paris! the macaroons are to die for! i think the best in the world =) in paris, you should take the train to visit Versailles which is like 30-40 minutes away. it was the country palace of Louis XIV. you should also think about normandy. have fun!
  4. def go to Paris for all of the incredible spots there!! Versailles!!!
  5. My absolute FAVE vacation was the French Riviera!
    Fly into Nice...then take tours EVERYWHERE!!!
    We went to Monte Carlo,Nice,St Tropez,and the very most AMAZING part was a tour of the was fab!I took my then 9 yr old..we had SO MUCH FUN!!!
  6. I just went to Normandy in December, it's soooo beautiful there. I would go back in a heartbeat. In fact I really want to when the weather is warmer.
  7. Thanks for all the great advice! What time of the year is the best to go??? I'm sooo excited :yahoo:
  8. I think for summer vacation or late or early summer Cote d'azur is the best place to go! It's really, really beautiful, and so much calmer than Paris. The shopping is really good too and there are just as many sights to see as in Paris. For vacation and not just $$$ shopping spree I'd choose provence. ;)
  9. Well I pretty much agree with everyone else, I absolutely love the South of France. I know for a first time it's great to see the Riviera and Cannes, Nice, St Tropez but I warn you it's overpopulated during summer with show off people and B celebs, and fugly new buildings and private beaches.
    Provence (which is only 2 hours away from these places) is simply much history and old villas and mas, there is a lovely lifestyle there.
    Check Aix- en-Provence, Roussillon, Avignon.
    Celebs also live there but they are the A kind and more discreet !!
    Depends what you like.
  10. I went the last week of August and first week of Sept..IT WAS PERFECT!
    Aix en Provence is TDF!!!
  11. guess what i'm doing this summer :graucho:
  12. ^Im gonna go back in August too..LOVES IT THERE!
  13. I have done Paris etc. but would love to do much more! Have a blast!!!
  14. I have a holiday home on the Riviera and spend every summer school holiday there so I'm biased about the south of France. You will hear a lot of rubbish about how expensive and how busy it is. We can only go in July and August when the boys are off school and we have never sat on a crowded beach. The only place I would avoid during the peak summer months is St Tropez - unless you travel there by boat from St Raphael. St Trop is just horrendously busy. There is one beach road in and out and it is at a standstill most days.
    It is a lovely place and is worth a visit as is Port Grimaud which is right next door but pick your time - don't aim to get there from mid morning to mid afternoon. Go early and leave late. Also try the restaurants in the little lanes just back from the harbour - you can eat v reasonably and get great food.
    There are so many fabulous places to visit, not just on the coast but inland too where the atmosphere is not glitzy but traditional Provence.
    Cannes and Nice are shopping heaven (all the bag designers are there - LV, Prada, Longchamp, Furla, Gucci, Celine etc). Biot (a mountain village just behind Cannes) is famous for glass; St Paul de Vence for art; Vallauris for ceramics; Grasse for the perfume houses; Nice has a fantastic flower market.
    Great buys are wines (red & rose), fabrics, soaps (L'Occitane etc) obviously lavender and herbs.
    Another tour I would absolutely recommend is the Gorge du Verdon - the French version of the Grand Canyon. It is breathtaking.
    Goodness I could go on all day about the place - I've been going several times a year since I was 18 (now 43) and I am still finding new places. I just adore it. Hope you have a truly wonderful time - and Paris is great too - don't miss Galeries Lafayette for great shopping.

  15. I totaly agree. I went to the provence two years ago with my BF to his parents house. But i must say it can never beat a special place in spain