Vacation in Dominican Republic

  1. Hi I am interested in taking a trip to Dominican Republic, but I realized there are so many different resorts to choose from. So I was wondering has anyone taken a trip to DR recently?? Could anyone recommend any resorts that I could go to... TIA!!! :yes:

    It would be nice i fthey also had a casino.
  2. I went there last August and we stayed at the Iberostar Costa Dorada! It was a great all inclusive hotel...comfortable and the weather was superb! The climate can vary all across the island, but this part of the island was perfect! I'm not sure where the nearest casino is though....;)
  3. There are diffrent cites in the country that are tourist areas?,which part are you looking in to?,there are some resorts which are next to the beach,and there is one area where its in a tropical rainforest. I personally loved La Romana. If you go on google,you can find alot about the Dominican Republic. Just Pm me =]
  4. We went there a year ago and stayed at the Santana Beach Club in Punta Cana. Loved it!
  5. Hubby and I went to the Iberostar Punta Cana which is all inclusive and we loved it! It has sharing privileges with the Bavaro Beach resort next door so we got to go to all their restaurants and nightclub. We had an awesome time. I only have one negative. The beach allows topless sunbathing. I'm pretty conservative so this disturbed me at first but I got used to it.;) It just grossed me out that there were boobs everywhere I looked! Hubby didn't seem to mind though...kept saying that "it's just their culture." Men are so typical!:p
  6. A friend has just recommended this to us, I am checking it out extensively, will share any findings with you.:wlae:
  7. I went to Punta Cana in May of last year. We stayed at the Ocean Blue Golf and Beach. We loved it no problems for us at all. We ordered it through Apple Vacations.

    If you want more in depth reviews just go to they even have travelers candid photos of the hotel and rooms and their own reviews. Thats how we picked Ocean Blue.

    Oh yeah like my SO said "its whip them out Wednesdays" over there lol boobs everywhere..since a lot of the vacationers to DR are European.

    If you get a chance definitely take an excursion to Saona Island. they take you to the middle of the ocean where the carribbean sea and atlantic ocean meet and the water it only up to your waist...its the most beautiful thing!

    One more thing don't even brush your teeth with the tap water...use the bottled water!
  8. Just a thought, should have added this to my reply.

    There are several really good Forums, if you google ~ Holiday Truths, you will find more information than you could imagine.

    Happy Holidays :wlae:
  9. I stayed at the Iberostar Bavaro a few years ago and would definitely go back - the beaches were beautiful, staff was helpful and friendly, there were a lot of different resaurants, and there was fun nightlife :yes:

    A few things to know before you go though - Most of the resort is open air, restaurants included, so don't expect much air conditioning. The rooms have motion sensors in them, so if you are not actually in your room, the power shuts off (i.e. can't charge your cell phone, no air conditioning, warm beverages in the mini fridge). The temperature at night is usually pleasant, so the lack of a.c. isn't a big deal. Also, the casino was TINY and HOT. It was one of the few fully indoor areas and it didn't seem air conditioned, so it was smokey and hot. And as others have already said - lots of topless women on the beach and you absolutely can not drink the tap water - not even to brush your teeth
  10. I stayed in La Romana at a Wyndham. It was a nice all inclusive with activities and shows. Yes there were topless women but I didn't mind, I even tried it :rochard: . And of course my hubby didn't care either. We had fun!!!
  11. I stayed at Bahia Principe in Puerta Plata, and I stayed at the Grand Palladium Bavaro last year. Bahia Principe was a lot of fun, nice nightlife, but the beaches weren't great and there were a lot of bugs (it's in a wooded area.) Grand Palladium Bavaro was AMAZING! They gave my brother and I a free room upgrade, every room has a jacuzzi in it, food was great, excellent restaurant choices, BEAUTIFUL lobby and architecture, awesome drinks, and beautiful beach. It was all around an awesome vacation. Getting to the rooms was like a maze though, they were like little villa things. This was also a budget vacation btw, costing less than 1000 CAD per person.
    Here are some pics of the palladium for you:
    The type of room they gave us (also had a HUGE bathroom, with corner jacuzzi, shower stall, toilet stall, double sinks etc):
    (Pics are from and
  12. Also! Casino...:graucho:
  13. My parents go to Casa de Campo every year and just love it!
  14. We stayed at the Hotel Punta Cana (Dominican Republic): Melia Caribe Tropical - Sol Meliá Hotels & Resorts LOVED it with a few exceptions.

    The food was OK. Not great, not bad, just OK. That was sort of a problem for us because we are pretty serious foodies, but nothing was bad, it just wasn't what we are used to.

    I am the kind of person who can eat fresh fruits and veggies in a third world country without getting the runs, so I ate a ton of YUMMY fruit.

    Sometimes the service was a little iffy. The waitstaff, etc. were always smiling and friendly, but it seems as if they sometimes got distracted and never came back with whatever they left to get.

    Jacques the scuba instructor is AWESOME.

    The casino is tiny.

    The grounds and the rooms are lovely.
  15. I stayed at the Riu Mambo in Bahia Maimon last November. It was the first time I'd been to the Dominican Republic, and it was nice.

    The hotel wasnt the best I've ever stayed in, and the food wasnt that good, but I'm quite fussy! The beach and pool were gorgeous, we also went on a trip to swim with dolphins, which was fantastic!

    I'm not a fan of All Inclusive packages, and because this hotel was in the north of the island, were stuck in the hotel for a week. All the entertainment was family based, so we did get a little bored! At least we could drink as much as we liked on the all inclusive package!

    I may have enjoyed it more if I had been with my fiancee, it was a lot more couples and family based, unfortunatly he can only take holidays in june and july because of his job!!!

    I'd recommend the south over the north as there wasnt much to do!