Vacation Ideas??

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  1. I was hoping you ladies could help me out... I want to go somewhere really neat this summer with my boyfriend of 2 years. Preferably I'd like for it to be someplace with white sandy beaches and clear water but I'm not sure where exactly that would be because I don't trust all the commercials i see lol. So maybe places that you all have been and could recommend? We do have a budget since I'm a student and he's the only one working of about 2,000 for the both of us? We'd fly of course because we live in houston and there's nothing of that sort in driving distance i dont think haha. TiA!
  2. Yaaay! A fellow H-towner! Well, we would've been about 6-7 yrs ago. I used to live in Galena then Katy. Anywhoo.. what about Galveston? LOL j/k. I'm sorry I can be of no help, I have always hated beaches :shrugs:.

    The place I've ever had the best time during vacation was NYC. Lots of places to see, great for shopping wether it be high-end or vintage or cheapo, great food, great people, endless entertainment, nightlife.. it has it all!!! (Can you tell I became obsessed with the city?). It may not suit your interest right now, but if you haven't been there, give it a shot sometime. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did!
  3. If you are on a budget, but want sandy beaches and nice weather, I suggest Costa Rica. Stay away from the resort areas, which are over priced and touristic, and head toward the Nicoya Penninsula (on the Pacific side, still very hot, but not humid). I vacationed in Montezuma for 14 days and loved it!!!! It is really affordable (check out the hotel Amor de Mar), the food is wonderful and fresh, and it is a small town so it is safe and everyone knows everyone. Here are a few links:


    Montezuma (more like a village than a city)

    When I was there in 2003, I spent ~$1,500-$2,000 in total (that included airfare, hotel, spending, etc.)

    Don't be put off by the transportation needed to get to Montezuma, it is well worth it and you wont be disapointed! You fly into the capitol, take a small plane to the Coast, and then a cab to Montezuma. It is an adventure, but absolutely beautiful when you arrive. Avoid taking the bus from the capitol to the Coast, b/c it takes forever and there are theft issues. The small plane ride is about 40 minutes, and although it is an extra few hundred (I think we paid ~$200/each), it is worth the time and hassle you save.
  4. If you decide to do what Missmustard says, there are beaches about 2 hours from NYC. Both along the NJ coast (the Jersey shore as we call it) and along the coast of Long Island (the Hamptons). So you can shop and go to the beach, lol.
    The last time I was some place where the beaches were beautiful was Cancun but I honestly don't know how much that is going to cost now but it was really beautiful.
  5. Do an all inclusive resort

    Try Punta Cana or La Romana or Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

    Theres also Cancun or the Maya Riviera in Mexico.

    All food, liquor, drinks, and flight are included.

    Me and my boyfriend find great deals in
  6. cabo san lucas, quick flight...this is a cheaper time of year (although getting hotter by the day)

    lots of nice resorts with packages

    makes me want a margarita just thinking of it
  7. You have great options, since you live in Houston. That's a stop for many flights heading to Mexico, the Carib. and other LAmerican countries. You will find great all-inclusive packages to Mexico and the Dom. Rep, like NYCBelle mentioned. Look at the yellow pages for local travel agencies where they can quote you different packages. Then look online and compare. Lucky! You have lots of options!
  8. I went to St Marteen, tiny beautiful island in the west indies, half dutch (english speaking, american tourists and use of dollar) and half french (french-english speaking using Euro and dollar).The french part is the most preserved area. Beautiful....dreaming of going back, but from Europe definitely a high budget !!
  9. florida is really cheap. try miami area? you can rent a car and drive down to the keys also. when we went in march for break it was like $500 each person for roundtrip air fare AND hotel (at the radisson) for like 4 nights. car rental was like $250 for the week or something like that. you can also think about cruises? i know a lot of them leave from galveston (i think) or some other ports in TX, and those are relatively cheap, all inclusive packages. there are a few that are below $500, i've seen.
  10. Do you want to stay inside of the US? Ft. Walton Beach, Pensacola, and Destin Florida are all really nice places, with clean beaches and beautiful water!

    Those locations are all fairly affordable and you wouldn't have to spend a ton on airfare!
  11. DH and I did Aruba (all inclusive) for about $3000 for 7 days & it was a BLAST!

    Aruba is the ultimate in sandy beaches, warm water & tropical relaxation!
  12. Manuel Antonio beach in Costa Rica~~!! Costa Rica in general is awesome~!!!