Vacation goodies pics!

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  1. We're back from our very wet Disney vacation! Even though it poured pretty much the entire time, we had a blast. We stopped at the outlets in North Carolina on the drive down and thats where I got my best items. Legacy Thompson Top Handle in camel, originally $698, down to $349 w/addtl 20% off, so I paid around $267 for it. Chelsea satchel in mineral, originally $339, down to $202 w/addtl 20%, paid around $160 for it. Those were the only two of those bags in the store - I cant believe they were still there because the store was pretty crowded, but everyone seem to be more interested in the signature floral items and the sig hobos w/the braided berry straps. I also got the snail for 9.99 and the lavendar dog collar for my puppy for $29. At the Premium outlets in Orlando, they had mostly all signature pieces - a few natural pleated hobos, and some factory gallery totes, so I was very happy we stopped in NC on the way down! I just got the elephant fob ($16), Luggage tag charm ($16) and the watercolor ponytail scarf for $7.99. The only other item was not from the Coach store, but from the Movado outlet store - the Lexington bracelet watch, originally $468, down to $178. I had no intention of buying a new watch but my husband saw the original tag, then the sale price and told me to definitely get it! They had a great selection of Coach watches at that price, the studio etched bangles, some w/leather straps in pink and purple, but Ive always wanted that tank watch. So a great trip was had by all, with great Coach items, bags of souveniers, and a ton of laundry for me!

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  2. Great haul!!!!!!
  3. Great stuff! I love that Chelsea- such a pretty color!
  4. I love all your goodies!!
  5. wow!!! Love it !! That elephant is CUTE!
  6. Wow great buys. I've been looking for that Chelsea satchel in mineral forever AHHH.
    i love it
  7. Beautiful watch! And such a great deal! I can't believe you found that at the Movado outlet
  8. Wow good deals! I love that so many people go gah-gah over the signature stuff, and that leaves the leather goodies to me :smile:
  9. I am sooooooooooooooo jealous of your mineral satchel!!!!! I've been wanting it since it first came out! She's beautiful!!!!! I love your cute dog collar too! Great haul!!
  10. congratulations, welcome back! it was a blast for you huh!! all your purchase are awsome. i've been hunting the chelsea in mineral for a while. cann't believe it's still at the outlet
  11. I love the Chelsea!

    I have the mahogany one and wear it constantly. Great choice!
  12. Wow, awesome haul! Enjoy all of your wonderful goodies!
  13. great haul! Enjoy!!
  14. I'm glad your back safe. Did your laryngitis go away? You sure picked up some pretty items. Love that Thompson bag & the scarf. The elephants are cheaper there, here they're $24.
  15. Donnallynn, Love all your vacation goodies. Especially love your chelsea. :drool: I glad you had a good vacation in spite of the rain.