Vacation - don't bring LV?

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  1. I am going to Hong Kong with my boyfriend for about a month...
    With the tight flying restrictions...and make sure everything goes smoothly, should I just leave my LV's at home and use some lower brand bags (ie., Guess or no brand??)

    I'm thinking it may be a PITA to bring the bag, have customs stop me thinking I'm carrying a counterfeit (since I'm Asian :push: ...sometimes they make some lame assumptions!) and be super angry!

    What do you guys think?

    Should I avoid bringing Monogram anything, and just bring Damier, or just avoid taking LV with me overall?
  2. :nuts: When are you going?? I might be going to HK in late March:p . OK back to LV, I usually leave my LVs at home especially if I travel to Southern China as well. Not because of customs but safety issues KWIM.:sweatdrop:
  3. hmmm....maybe bring something less noticable (i TOTALLY know you feel...when we go back to China to visit my grandparents, alot of people look at my bags and just stare... its kinda annoying) epi or something not as bold....also if anybody says anything about your bag being conterfit, just say the truth!
  4. Lee, I am going end of April/early May because that's when my exams end. How long are you there for?
  5. When I went to Hong Kong I brought 2 LVs and when I came home I was terrified that they were going to seize my bags, and I mean to the point that I was talking to myself. If you're the type that tends to worry and be dramatic (which I am) then give yourself a break and leave them at home.
  6. I would suggest not to bring the LV with you for the safty reason, too. It's better not to let people think you are rich. Got to protect yourself.
  7. can i change my mind? now i agree with the other people here....maybe you shouldn't , just for saftey reasons??
  8. goin overseas next week. I kinda have to bring my LVs. I need to bring the bags to the airport in order to claim 10% TRS back:sweatdrop:. As you may read from my previous posts, I had some big LV pre-trip purchases~!!
    However, if i wasn't gonna claim the TRS, i would still bring my LVs. I love my bags too much to leave them at home alone, haha~!! Plus, you can always use a good travel insurance!!
  9. Ok...I definitely DON'T want them to seize my bags or have to pay customs on something that I've paid customs for already! :cursing: I guess I'll be LV-less when I go to HK :crybaby: (Oh what will I do?!)
  10. I don't think they'll pay any attention to you unless you have lots and lots of bags and they think you'll sell them.
  11. I actually saw a woman bring her large mono bucket with her when I was going home from China (Beijing, to be exact). She brought it with her to the airplane. Nothing happened. Same with another Chinese girl who brought her LV denim backpack. A lot of people in HK are very trendy, so I wouldn't see this as a big deal...???? I always tended to view China as really safe, even safer than in the US. But I guess if you want to be on the safe side, you can opt to leave the LVs at home. :yes:
  12. Hi Karman, me and my friends normally go to Hongkong, Bangkok once a year. We have never had any problems. I normally bring 1 LV, 1 Gucci and buy 1 bag when im there. No problems at all. I also bring my coach bag for the times we hit the "market areas" just so that my LV doesnt get dirty. But everyone in HK (almost everyone) is so fashionable and i was so surprised at the amount of LV I saw being carried around...Real LV's (also fakes) but LOTS of real ones!!! I say take one with you, if you want to ease your worries then bring a photo copy of the receipt. Hope this helps!
  13. I'm dramatic too!!!haha:sweatdrop:

    I tend to over think things...but I personally wouldn't bring LV bags to HK WITHOUT bringing some LV for my plane ride and the cheapies for everyday...I'm worried about people slashing my bag (my aunt had this happen to her Epi...thankfully it was so durable that nothing was lost)...and I don't like the way people bump into me...I need personal space!!!:yes:
  14. I am not sure about custom, but I don't think it's a problem or too dangerous to carry LV in HK. There are so many fashionable people who carry LV in HK, as long as you are traveling in a good neighborhood. It shouldn't be a problem.
  15. We usually stay for a month.:yes: Which LV are you planning to take with you? I won't worry about the customs in HK unless you plan to buy new ones there and bring home to Canada which might be subject to tax if you used up your limits.
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