Vacation Bag

  1. I am going to Orlando for my spring break the 17 to the 24th and my bf and I will be going to Universal, Disneyworld, Disney MGM Grand, Seaworld, some shopping etc. and I was looking for a bag to carry that I can wear when we go to the parks and stuff that i dont have to put in a locker somewhere. I bought the new Vera Bradley "Lindsay" (b/c that's my name) but it is too big, so I was thinking of a Swing Pack or something of that nature?

    Should I hit up the outlet first thing to see if I can find on there (i'm on a really tight budget right now and dont think I can pay full price right now)

    Long story short....any suggestions?
  2. a swing pack is good for amusement parks, shopping, and stuff like that. the last thing you want is to not have your hands free or to have a bigger back get in your way. and outlets almost always have a ton of swingpacks for really good deals. if you need something a little bigger, try looking for one of the camera bags (i think they only came in sig stripe, but i could be wrong).

    have fun!
  3. Last time I went to disney...I carried my swing pack. Was perfect. I recently got the signature stripe camera bag, and will use that next time (as I'll be able to fit my ginormo sunglasses in it)

    might I suggest, at the very least, one in signature or leather? suede, I feel, would get destroyed/grangy looking if carried at parks (epecially on, say, splash mountain). My local outlet had some adorable leather swing packs (not rectanlged shaped, but a bit rounded on the bottom) for under $100. And I've seen the signature and snake-print-stripe ones are there too.

    FYI - some rides in Universal require you to put your stuff in a locker (ie - the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster) it's not a huge deal, but they will NOT let you ride while holding it.
  4. the Hippie does it for me everytime I go to Disneyland. :yes:
  5. I would suggest a swingpack and putting it in your shirt for rides where they tell you you can't have anything. Also, don't put anything in the front pocket you wouldn't want to lose because you wouldn't imagine the amount of cameras, cellphones and money I've seen in the nets below the rides to catch things people had in their pockets (including guys who thought their things were secure). Other than that, have fun!
  6. the swing bag or the hip bag worked for me on many vacations!
  7. I just use a little wristlet when I go the parks, the one with a flap in the front and then the wristlet area.... I wear it on my wrist, or if I'm going on a ride hook it to my jeans... :smile:

    I will be bring the pink wristlet with me to Orlando, yea!! Sun!!!
  8. I used a swingpack. I had a little wrsitlet in it. I dogleashed the wristlet to the ring on the bag so no one could grab it and so it wouldn't fall out while walking. Remember they search your bag on the way in so you want something easy to search.
  9. thanks ladies but i just dont know what i want....gah for being so indecisive!!!

    does anybody have any pics of them wearing a swing pack?
  10. I used my Hampton's Carryall. It was sort of a burden though because you either had to hold it, or put it on your shoulder...ick. So then I switched over to my Small Backpack. That worked out better. :yes:
  11. lindsay, we'll hit up the outlet before spring break and get you something! my personal suggestion is a swingpack- i wish i had one to let you borrow! (though the wristlet idea is good too- just clip it on and you'll be good)
  12. yea i just have that legacy one in whiskey and i dont want to ruin that at a amusment park!
  13. ^oh yeah, i definately wouldn't take that one! too many bad things could happen to that bag!
  14. ^that's what i was thinking!!
  15. Here is my swing pack...sorry no picture of me wearing it. I got it at the outlet for $80. They had a bunch of styles at my outlet (lincoln city, or) earlier last month. If you have any outlets nearby it might be worth checking out. I love my swing pack. I can't believe how much fits in it!