Vacation Anyone?

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  1. It won't be too long until I go on vacation. Everytime before I go I try to decide what bag to take. I always end up using one that I think can take a week of knocking about on and off planes (through the scanners) and survive possible downpours. I always go with a less expensive one that I like. What kind of bag do you take? Practical or one of your better ones?
  2. Lately I've been taking my LV speedy along with me. The canvas holds some knocking around and I can fit everything I need in it for the plane ride.
  3. Something that goes over the shoulder. That's what works for me. Two years ago on our Canada trip I took my Kooba Sienna and what mistake that was. First off, for such a heavy bag, it wasn't nearly big enough for all the stuff that you end up getting foisted on you while traveling (brochures, plane tickets, other people's stuff). Not to mention, it does not have a zip top. I find that to be a lot more secure. Vacation isn't in my near future but if I were to go tomorrow, I'd take my Tano Buxom Buddy to travel with (getting on and off planes etc.) and maybe pack something else for going out.
  4. I like a large tote, open top, easy to stuff under the seat, and most of all something I don't care too much about. I fly on budget airlines and always seem to sit next to a Mom, a crying infant, and a toddler with chocolate all over his hands that somehow ends up all over my stuff. :p

    However, I will pack one of my nice clutches in my luggage for when I arrive at my destination!
  5. I bought my Longchamp Le Pliage tote mainly for travel and flying, because after security screening, putting it under a plane seat, and schlepping it around on vacation, I wanted a bag I can wipe down with disinfecting wipes or immerse in soap and water.
  6. Practical. I brought an expensive bag with me one time (Bottega Veneta ball bag), and someone dropped wet mushrooms on it. :wtf: Thankfully I had just sprayed Apple Garde on it, so it cleaned up ok.
  7. I haven't traveled much in the last few years, but when I did, I always took my Fendi monogram satchel. It could withstand just about anything and still look good. It wasn't really dressy, but it worked for all day occasions.

    If I were to go somewhere now, I'd take it or my LV Speedy.
  8. It depends on where I'm going... If I'm going on a resort/ sunny beachy kinda vacation I bring my big clear Prada tote and a couple little bags for evening. For most other places, I bring a couple big leather bags in neutral colors (Coach, HH, etc) and usually one or two small clutches for evening too...
  9. Longchamp Le Pliage in black with brown leather handles... it goes with everything!

    If I'm staying in the U.S., then I bring my nicer bags. For international trips, I only bring bags that I wouldn't mind losing.