vacation anyone?

  1. Since I would love a vacation (but I cannot afford one right now) I thought I could just live vicariously through yours.

    Anyone got a vacation planned? Wanna share? :biggrin:
  2. I am going to LA May 3rd with my hubby and baby for a wedding! I can't wait, its going to be so much fun! And, I have never been to LA before- so really excited!
  3. I wish I had something planned. This is the first year in a long time that I don't have vacation planned for the summer. I'll probably do a couple long weekends at the beach (Maine or Cape Cod) but nothing major planned.
  4. I'm leaving May 2nd for the obligatory North American student backpacking through Europe ! :biggrin:

    So far, our list of places to hit look something like this:

    London and England - 1 week
    Rome, Florence, Venice - 1 week
    Ljubljana, Slovenia - 4 days
    Zurich or somewhere in south Germany - 3 days
    Barcelona - 4 days
    Paris - 4 days
    Amsterdam - 3 days

    Slovenia looks like it might get the axe though, in favour of Vienna ! I wish I had more time though, so I could go to Spain and Sweden and Greece !!
  5. OMG! Ayla so jealous- you trip is going to be AMAZING! I am really excited for you! Perfect trip before you hit the books in law school!
  6. Wow Ayla - that is quite a trip! I wish I had taken time off after college graduation to do something like that.

  7. Yay! That will be a lot of fun!! :smile: LA is fabulous!! Make sure you do all the touristy things....

    Beverly Hills, Rodeo, Larchmont, Mann's Chinese Theather (Hollywood's walk of fame).

    So many shops to go to.... Kitson, Fred Segal, Lisa Kline (across the street from Kitson)

    Lots to eat.... make sure to go to the infamous, the IVY!

    If you're here on the weekday, you are sure to see some celebrities at these shops and restaurants (I just saw PH at LK on Tues, some celeb is always there!)

    Fun! Fun! Fun!! :smile:

    If you have extra days, a trip to San Diego is always so nice. VERY down to earth and more laid back than LA!!!
  8. I'm going to Paris, France this summer and then I'm going to Milano and Rome with my dad (: Together with my sister I am going to stay a week in Miami, Florida :biggrin: nice!
  9. Thanks Jag & Carrie13 ! :biggrin:

    It looks like it will be wild, although probably not too kind on my dad's wallet (I've pretty much told him this trip is on him.. hehe :shame:smile:.
  10. Wow! THank you so much for all the tips!!!! :biggrin: I can't wait to go! I want to go to San Diego b/c my cousin lives in La Jolla- but we are not sure we can fit it in. Definitely will hit the shops and the Ivy. We are also going to spago- but I made everyone (going with my sister as well adn her family) that I could go somewhere for sushi! Any recs??? We will eb there for 5 days, so I hope I get to do and shop a ton!
  11. I am SOOOO JEALOUS!! That sounds like a blast. We went to E.Europe for the first time last November. Trains, planes, automobiles, buses, thieves, Consulate.....

    Just be safe!! We did 9 countried in a little over two weeks!!

    Have fun for all of us!!!
    If you like the Sound of Music, they have a tour, very cute!!
    Can't wait to hear about your trip!
  12. We're leaving on Saturday for a week in Florida and then in August will go to the Netherlands for 2 weeks to visit my husband's family. I can't wait!
  13. DH and I are planning a trip to the Cayman Islands in a couple of months. We've never been to the Carribeans. Anybody been to the Cayman Islands (Grand and Little Cayman)?
  14. Nothing international planned for this year, last year we did Ireland and next year we're doing Ireland (again!) & England.

    LOL, I'm going to be seeing a lot of the U.S. this year! So far I'm going to Atlanta for a week to visit family and friends, Western PA for a long weekend with my boyfriend's family next month, North Carolina for a week to visit family, Boston for a weekend in the fall for an ice skating show, Maryland for a long weekend in the summer to visit friends down there, hopefully LA in the fall to visit some of my college friends that moved out there that I haven't seen in two or three years.

    I'm still bugging my Mom to go on a cruise or to an island with me in the fall, but nothing definite yet.

    Ayla: Your trip sounds amazing! Take lots of pictures & share them with us.
  15. This summer, my DH and I are going AGAIN to Vegas and LA! We just love it out west! Can't wait to move!!!!

    Take in a show in Vegas....we saw Alicia Keyes at the MGM the last time we were there! Shop! Eat! Eat! Shop! Just LOVE Vegas!

    Fly to LA from Vegas. Stay a few nights in Santa Monica on the beach. Then, off to The Mondrian on Sunset (my favorite hotel in LA! They send me gifts!). Lots of drinks/dancing at the Sky Bar! Lunch at the Ivy! Dinners at Mr. Chow and Crustacean! Of course, MORE shopping!

    I want to check out other clubs while I'm there this time. If anyone knows of other wonderful clubs, please let me know! Something along the line of Sky Bar would be nice!

    We'll always go for 11 days or so. Can't wait!