Vacation: Anybody ever been to Mallorca, Madiera or Turkey? (Resorts)

  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm currently in the process of scouring Expedia for a trip for me and my mom over Easter and I found some pretty affordable things (All inclusive) for Mallorca (Spain), Madiera (Portugal) and various places in Turkey.

    The thing that I'm kind of worried about is the safety of those places. I don't know how safe those vacation areas are and how safe the resorts are.

    If you've ever been to one of those places, how did you find it? Did you feel safe enough to go out of the resort and explore the area around you?

    Also, which resort did you stay at? :smile:

    Thank you :heart:
  2. i've only been to mallorca, the northern part of the island is meant to be beautiful, but someone with the iq of a cardboard box decided that for our grad trip we should go to magaluf :yucky: i definitely wouldn't recommend magaluf, not because i felt unsafe but it was just not very nice. have a look at things outside the usual tourist traps.

    i wouldn't worry in portugal either, and all my friends who have been to turkey have felt perfectly safe.
  3. I would check the weather in those places, Madiera is beautiful but maybe windy at that time of the year because it's atlantic ocean.
    I have been to Mallorca. The north is pretty quiet and beautiful, while the south west is big resorts, packed of hotels.So it depends what you prefer. I don't think you need to worry about crazy Brits partying all night bc it's out of season (in Magalluf). I was in Palmanova (2km from Magalluf) it was nice you can take a cab and go to Puerto Banus where it's super nice and posh.
    The good thing about staying in the south is that you are close to Palma the city, it is really beautiful, lots of old monuments and a real spanish vibe.
    These places are definitely safe.
    I don't know about Turkey I have never been, although I am scared of bombing attacks.
  4. isn't puerto banus in marbella? :confused1:

    edit: yes it is.. that'd be one long cab ride ;) over water :lol: palma is very nice though.
  5. yeah sorry !!:yes:
    I meant Portals Nous/Puerto portals, beautiful Marina
  6. good luck wherever you decide to go :smile: have a good time!
  7. I recommend staying in Kempinsky Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey! it is amazing, but totally overpriced.

    turkey is quite safe (just stay in the tourist areas), and bazaar shopping is soo much fun!
  8. I've been to Magaluf on both family hol's and Girly hol it depends on the season you go but it is very touristy Palma I've heard if lovely a bit of both worlds.
    I've also been to TUrkey Marmaris it was quite a few years ago but it was a nice beachy hol I guess it depends on what you are looking for from the hol
  9. it all sounds so nice, i really wanna go. good luck planning your trip!
  10. Since you are pregnant you would have to consider issues with flying! I lived in UK but we had a big wedding reception here in Germany when I was 4 and something months pregnant, and I suffered a lot from the flight.
    Actually the baby dropped a bit low and I had to lie down for like two days (which I didn't), and the same on the return flight. But others have had no issues. (OFF topic, had my baby in June last year, and the reception was in February - but great idea to go on a trip!)

    Why don't you go for something you can reach by car/train - like Italy or France? Italy on Easter is a classic and if you go to areas like Emilia Romagna you might actually get a nice deal - or Lago Maggiore (we go there always). Ideally NOT Rome, Venice, Florence, Toscana, Lago di Garda, get my point.

    As for the places you recommended - been to Mallorca as a child, go to the North side, everyone says it is absolutely perfect and it is safe IMO. Again, consider the plane aspect of your trip. Have fun planning
  11. I've talked it out with my doctor and she said (FOR NOW) everything looks fine and to go ahead and book a trip for April, but to purchase some sort of insurance where we could cancel the trip without penalty just in case I wouldn't be fit to fly :smile: If that does become the case, I would love to go to Salzburg, Austria to visit everything Sound of Music, lol :smile: I'm just in the mood for sun, water and fun! But yes, the whole flying thing will be taken into account and we'd take all necessary precautions to make sure we do get our money back if anything were to happen before the trip that would cause me not to be able to fly :smile:

    Thank you!
  12. I've been to both Turkey and Mallorca.

    I stayed in Marmaris in Turkey around 10 years ago, and I hated it. The place isnt bad, but the Turkish waiters kept stroking me whilst I ate, I think they liked the blonde hair! I was only 13 and they petrified me! I also went for a Turkish bath and massage, and the male massuese was a pervert, I have never let a man massage me since and I never would again because of him.

    Parts of Mallorca are beautiful, if you decide on there its a must to hire a car and drive inland to see the parts of the island that havent been commercialised by British tourists! Stay away from Magaluf unless you want to get insanely drunk or stumble across people having sex on the beach or in alleyways! Palma, the capital, is a nice place too.
  13. Oh yes, I totally understand - I just meant that when I flew it wasn't until AFTER the flight that I realised it hadn't been any good. But I am sure your doc will give you good advice - just to share my experience bec it really wouldn't be nice to arrive somewhere and not feel perfect!

    Have fun