Vacation Advice Needed...

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  1. My DH wants to plan a week long vacation for us in the end of June. Any advice to where we should go outside of the US? We live in California; he has traveled to Europe and Asia before whereas I've only been to London and Korea.

    We're kinda torn between traveling to somewhere exotic and relaxing (ie Fuji or Bali, we've been to Hawaii) or somewhere fast pace with yummy food adventures (ie France, Spain, Japan). I really wanted to go to Australia but it would be winter there. Any suggestions, personal experiences, etc.? We're been married for almost 4 yrs and haven't gone on a vacation for a long time!

    I just wanted to add that my hubby suggested that I ask you guys for advice! Isn't he cute! :biggrin:
  2. Australia is a V E R Y long flight form the states. Italy is so fabulous and romatic and SO much to do!
    The Caribbean is always fabulous; Nevis, St.Barts, Martinique . . .
    We went to St. Lucia and I'm dying to go back and visit a neighboring island!
  3. Thanks so much SwankyMama! We'll look into St. Lucia.
  4. Have you been to all the Hawaiian islands? I would go back to Hawaii in a hearbeat. We went to Thailand a few years ago, fabulous food, everything is inexpensive, gorgeous country.
  5. ^^ I actually really want to go back to Hawaii, but my hubby would like to go somewhere different. Especially since we don't have kids but are planning for it in the near future. :smile:
  6. For me, a week would not be long enough for Europe.
    What about Mexico, Costa Rica, or Belize? Gorgeous countries, not too far from the US.
  7. costa rica. the very best. we're going in may and if you want to try things like canyoning, where you rapel down waterfalls and then hike to the next, or fly across zip lines 300 feet above the jungle floor, then ride horses down the beach before you retire to your beachside hammock and enjoy great food and drink, like I said, the best.
  8. If you want a relaxing vacation, why not go on a cruise? That way, you get to do the food advantures you want, spend quality time with your husband, and explore different places as the cruise ship travels from port to port!
  9. We've been on a cruise before and figured we could always do that in the future with kids! Thanks for the advice ladies!
  10. I like your suggestion of Bali, or maybe Tahiti? I vote for somewhere exotic! :nuts:
  11. I second Costa Rica. I lived there for a couple of months back in 1983, and have been dying to go back ever since. Wonderful people, wonderful scenery.
  12. Cruises are wonderful, but our honeymoon was in St Lucia so I guess I'm a little biased. ;)

  13. Aruba is fantastic we went there a couple of years ago the island is very small but if your looking to relax this is the prefect place. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort the beach is just a few steps away and the water is wonderful. The city of Oranjestad (only town) has great shopping when and if you get tired of lying around soaking up the serf and sun. The local are friendly one of our servers even invited us to come listen to her sing at a recital. We had a lovely time. Where ever you go I hope you both have a great time.
  14. I also recommend Italy (I lived in Rome for a year and still didn't get to do everything I wanted) or Hong Kong.
  15. Where in Costa Rica would you recommend?? Thanks for all the advice guys!