1. I know the Vacanze print is coming at the end of October and I have to get a Zucca in that print for my sister.
    I tried to pre-order at, but they were sold out. Just to be safe, should I
    order it from LeSportSac .com or does anyone know if the print will be sold at at a
    department store like Macy's or Nordstorms or somewhere else? I asked one of the Macy's sellers
    and she told me that she can't promise if they will get the Vacanze print...
  2. Macy's in Seattle says they're getting theirs Oct. 25.
  3. I got the usual at my local Macy's "we never know what our buyers will get us" blah, blah, blah....
  4. metropark is a safe bet... they always get stuff in, and in a timely manner too D: unlike macys.
  5. makimaki... you're in hawaii aren't you? Most of the stores in the states won't send to hawaii :hrmm: but if you really want to try to have choices then I'd suggest waiting until it comes out. I doubt they'll disappear really quickly IMHO since trasporto still has a lot floating around. Also, did you ask pulse if they had a waitlist of any sort? Since not everyone that pre-ordered will get everything they want
  6. If she's in Hawaii, I don't think Pulse will ship there anymore. They put something to that effect on their website a month or so ago.

    There are some sellers on eBay who consistently sell at or below retail on the new prints, so that may be an option too.
  7. are you referring to the Seattle downtown location?
  8. Are we expecting Vacanze corriere?
  9. Unfortunately, I think only in Hawaii/Guam. The Trasporto Corriere was only available in those stores.

    However, I just ordered a Pirata Corriere from the LSS Seattle outlet (but they won't do print placement) and they had a couple left. When Southampton eventually gets Spiaggia, there may be some Corrieres in there as well.