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  1. Is there a picture of the full Vacanze print anywhere yet? It looks great on the bags I've seen so far, but I'd love to see a flat pic of the whole print. :yes:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Any bag I get in Vacanze will have to have Mozzarella front and center. Too cute! I also wouldn't mind the little rescue dog guy looking all victorious. Ah! I can't wait! :yahoo:
  4. Oh it's so cute!!!! Thanks ladies!
  5. Vacanze is really that I look at it more though...I feel like it's very Christmas-y. I still like it and plus I live where it snows like 8 months out of the year. Maybe my hubby will get a clue and realize how much I like tokidoki and have Santa bring me a fitting it would be. *sigh* a girl can dream. :smile:
  6. am i the only one that hates this print ? Maybe cause its winter related and well in hawaii there is no winter... I don't know but i reallllly reallllly dislike it.
  7. I love Christmas, I guess that's why I love this print.

  8. i hate it too. miami is never wintry..even during christmas :sad:

    so i feel this bag would be out of place
  9. soooo cute!
  10. I think it will be perfect for the holiday season, and I hope it comes out in time for me to carry it through November and December.

    I live in South Florida too, where there is no winter, but I still love it. I'll be dreaming of a white Christmas even while I'm wearing shorts. ;)
  11. I probably won't buy it...but the ice cream cones and penguins are soooo cute :tender:
  12. nope, your not he only one I really don't care for that print...mainly because it doesn't snow in hawaii,but I do love christmas...on the brighter side,that's extra money for me that I won't be spending on tokidoki bags!
  13. I like the print and think it's really cute, but I don't see myself getting anything in this print. I already know I would only carry this bag from November to maybe the end of January and that's it.
  14. I love this print. I hope to get something small in Vacanze, and my perfect placement would be imagery from the lower 1/2 of the print field so that I could carry my bag or accessory all winter long.

    Also, that issue with the print being too seasonal is exactly how I feel about Spiaggia (even though it's cute).