Vacanze....winter only?

  1. Do you think the vacanze print can only be worn during winter/christmas time? I'm debating whether or not I should get one. What are your thoughts?
  2. i'd get the vacanze print if you really liked it. for me, i found the print to be a little too winter/christmas specific, so i decided not to get a bag. i did however like certain characters and purchased a denaro with them on it instead (it'll have moofia, the eskimo and the penguins on it). i'll use it for the winter time.

    i like to switch bags all the time, and i find that with the tokidoki purses, i tend to wear them according to the seasons.. like my favorite print is the OP which i wear in the summer. i've been sporting my inferno lately since it was halloween/fall time.

    just depends on ur tastes of course :smile:
  3. i also find it too seasonal. i don't think i will get one.
  4. No. :smile:
  5. I do adore the print, but I'm afraid that if I get it; it'll remain dusty for 10 months out of the year. :wondering
  6. If you love the print, you could just get a small bag with your favorite characters on it, so that way if you don't use it that often you won't feel as bad as if you spent a lot of money on a big bag

    I'm the type of girl who wears christmas socks in the middle of july, so I personally would rock the vacanze print year-round, regardless of season
  7. lol. I was actually thinking about getting a zucca since I'm not really into small bags. xD
  8. I don't think that Vacanze is any more seasonal than Spiaggia. I'm sure people still use their Spiaggia bags when it's not beach weather any more, so why not use Vacanze whenever you feel like it too? I love the Vacanze print and I plan to use it year-round.
  9. ^^Yup. I don't care if people thing I'm a nutjob for having an Xmas-y bag in summer. That's their problem. :biggrin:
  10. Agreed 100%. I couldn't care less about season - it's cute no matter when you wear it!

  11. I'm with Tachikomatic and SB; I'm going to be using mine year-round :smile:
  12. I think Vacanze is seasonal. Just like I think spiaggia and pirata are seasonal too.

    I'm not going to start carrying my vacanze til after Thanksgiving and probably carry it til the end of January. By then I will be ready to rotate anyway. And maybe in July as a joke!

    I live where there are four seasons anyway. So there is a perfect print for every season to rotate.
  13. I do feel that Vacanze is very seasonal...not even just winter...but just for the holidays with the christmas trees. I got a small bag and it has a lot of white stuff on it...I haven't used it yet...hope to but we'll see. Mind you, I do use my Spiaggia now...and it's 30 degrees and snowing out.
  14. It is kinda seasonal, but I'm not one to care xD most of the people who complimented my zucca said they'd use it year-round even though it had a xmas-y theme to it ^^
  15. I want something in Vacanze! I want something that would display the whole print, I just love Christmas!! My bday and Christmas are close together, so I just have a thing for it =]