Vacanze swatch size?

  1. I will most likely be ordering Vacanze blind. Does anyone know how big the swatch is, and which bag it will fit best on? I've got a feeling that Vacanze is similar to Spiaggia in that it doesn't really fit entirely on anything. I was going to go ahead and order the Avventura from Nordstrom's, but they're all gone already!
  2. i believe the whole vacanze swatch wont even fit on one side of an avventura, so its pretty big. if you want to get a whole scene you have to get a big bag (campeggio, cucciolo, or avventura). Which bag it will fit best on depends on your personal preference. I'm going to get an avventura, but I think vacanze looks good in a stellina too even though you dont get the whole scene on it.
  3. Thanks! I managed to find perfect print placement on a Zucca on eBay (the same thing happened with Trasporto, I checked eBay before placing a Nordies order and found my perfect Zucca), but I think I still might try an Avventura if they come back into stock. I adore the way that a Ciao Ciao displays print, but it's just too flat for me! Makes a lovely wall hanging, though.
  4. wall hanging lol

    I'm not a ciao ciao person so I'm kinda agree with you...hopefully I dont offend anyone.