Vacanze Stellina or Bambinone or Gioco?

  1. Oh man what should I choose...I'm wait listed for a zucca. Stupid me waited to long to pre-order. So now I'm afraid I won't get I thought maybe I should pick either a Stellina or a Bambinone? Which do you think is better?

    I like the style of a Stellina better but I know it cuts out a lot of full scene effects. I've never had a bambinone so I don't know if I will like it. As for a gioco it looks really "long" and I'm on the skinny side taller side (size 1-ish)...would it look weird on me??

    I hope maybe the gurus of Tokidoki can help me decide what to pre-order unless by some miracle a zucca frees up. TIA!
  2. I love Stellinas, but I think they only work well for non-scenic prints (like Adios Star, L'amore, Famiglia, Trasporto). It's hard to get a good one on the scenic prints. I think you'd be better with the Bambinone or the Gioco. I'd say the Gioco because it get more of the print in.
  3. ITA^^

    Bambinone or Gioco all the way.:yes:
  4. I'd say gioco,the style is really nice and you'll have a better chance of getting better print placement then a bambinone or stellina
  5. I say Gioco. But that's because that is what I am getting in Vacanze and I love my Spiaggia Zucca. But now I want a Zucca as well and I must resist the temptation.

    Does anyone know if Metropark will have Vacanze?
  6. i like giocos & that's what i preordered :smile: keeping my fingers crossed for the part of the print that i like.. but imo.. bambinones are highly overlooked and underrated. i had an awesome spiaggia one for a while..
  7. :confused1::confused1: Thank you everyone for your input. I looked at the gioco and just felt like it was very odd it's really neat and pretty but odd to me at the same time. I took a ruler out and measured out the dimensions and got even further confused. UGH! So then I sent Casey an email to preorder the bambinone (thinking it would be a good size) only to end up rethinking that it's too small...STINKS! This is the case where I totally wish I could see the bag style in person to decide. So in the end I told Casey forget my bambinone pre-order and just leave me wait listed for a zucca. Man this tokidoki thing has me all confused and messed up. Tell me I'm not the only one this screwy. I wish I had the money to buy a bunch of them but I told myself one bag per print and I really want to stick to that. I guess I'll wait to see what the bags look like when they come out to make a better choice. Watch Casey will ban me from Pulse. :wacko:
  8. the bambinone fits alot of stuff in it, but, i think you won't like it if you like bigger bags. why not order a zucca from the lesportsac website when it comes out? :smile:
  9. gioco!
  10. ITA. I'm a big bag girl, and I got a famiglia bambinone. But I'm just not too fond of the bag type, even though I love the famiglia. Maybe I should get another kind of bag in famiglia?

    Anyway, I think you should go with a gioco of your 3 choices. I love the gioco, and I think it'll look cute in the Vacanze. :tup:
  11. i love gioco's so i would go with that becaus ei seem to get good print placement that way, i have 2 bambinone's and they are cute but i like big bags.
  12. Yeah I sorta go all caught up in this pre-order business and being able to request a print placement. I forgot that I might be able to get it through other outlets too. Grr...with that said, the Gioco is really cool looking but I just can't like it for me. So I guess I'll go with my gut and get a zucca or a bambinone. I'm just so used to having some bulky things in my bag that I think the bambinone might be too small.
  13. Definitly get the stye that fits you best, and since it seems like you really want a zucca, go for a zucca. I usually buy all my handbags from eBay so I can see the placement first, and with the new prints they're pretty easy to find at retail.
  14. i think you will love the zucca. try for that! :smile:
  15. Oh I heard from Casey today and she told me a Zucca opened up! I'm so psyched and happy....thank you to whomever it was that cancelled their pre-ordered zucca...and Casey is awesome!!

    So excited to get my first zucca.