Vacanze release date.....

  1. I called up the Le Sportec Store in HI and the store clerk told me that the release date was pushed back so October is no longer possible. She said maybe November but most likely early December.

    On a side note, the Le Sportec Store in the Fashion mall in the Vegas strip doesn't carry Tokidoki, gasp!!! Luckily a poster mentioned other places in vegas that sell them. hehe I'd like to get an inferno, paradiso or my fav, foresta.
  2. Thanks for the info. I am actually happy to have a big of a break. I just got 3 new things from the outlet sales and plan to get 1 or 2 in trasporto. A break would be good for my wallet.

  3. indeed a break sounds good! especially since christmas is coming up. I'm sure it will show up in eBay soon, but I just need to resist! I need a toki break!:sad:
  4. nooo. xD I wanted it to come out on my birthday. ;_;
  5. But is that an overall release date, or just the Hawaii release date?
  6. i think it's just for hawaii. As of now, they still have no Trasporto, and dont' expect it til later next week. I remember when tutti came took a long time to be released, i think almost 2-3 weeks after the release in the mainland.
  7. Ohhh thats a good thing!! I need time to save up! :lol: Its alright that everyone else on the mainland will have it before us.. we'll still get it during the holiday season! :nuts:
  8. Doesn't surprise me. We suck.
  9. its not you, its THEM ("them" being Lesportsux) =/
  10. hahha yeah thats what i meant, our lesportsac sucks...
  11. on top of sucking...we get the pleasure of getting things last along with higher prices!!!
  12. ^Indeed *sigh* I hate it...but idk I guess that's what we get for living here.
  13. at least you guys get the discontinued styles though...i really wanted a MM and a bella in trasporto but now i'm stuck w/ big bags and a little dolce =/ curse you lesportsux! after the collab is over w/ tokidoki, you will be DEAD to me! rawr!
  14. They'll be dead to me as well momo.chan.