Vacanze Print - a little more info

  1. Just got an email from Casey (Pulse) this morning and she revealed a little more info on how the Vacanze print will look like:

    "I cannot send you a picture of the Vacanze but I can tell you it is wintry themed. The background is dark blue with snow and pine trees. There is a gingerbread house and a lot of the characters are skiing."

    Not sure if this little nugget of info has been posted before but I thought some of you would like to know. :graucho:
  2. OMG I am so glad the rain here stopped and I logged back on !!! Thanks for this info mytokiluv!!

    Blue is my fave color and what is this about a gingerbread house?! OMG SOOO CUUUTE !!! :lol: I LOVE IT!!!
  3. thanks for posting this info!!! sounds adorable! now i have to decide which style to get.

    i had no idea about a gingerbread house!! i'm sure it will be as cute as it sounds!
  4. oooooohhh gingerbread house
  5. omg how cute! i'm so excited! ahh! :tup:
  6. oooo it sounds super cute!! cant wait!
  7. Thanks for posting this mytokiluv!! :nuts:

    A dark blue w/snow? Sounds pretty!!

    And a gingerbread house?!?! OMG my friends know that I go :nuts: baking gingerbread cookies during the winter!! I cant wait for a sneak peak!! :biggrin:
  8. so are you gonna use them year round if they are wintry themed? it would be cute in HI to use because we have like, well. No snow or winters!! :biggrin:
  9. aww that sounds so cute... but yeah humm it's like using the spiaggia in winter :lol: I definitely want one tho just need to figure out which style...
  10. Are you coming back, Brandee?

    YAyy for a lil more info :smile:
  11. Sounds really really beautiful. It's going to be like a Christmas Card like kinda scene I think.
  12. wow, i can't wait to see it IRL! wonder how the trenino will look in that print! =)
  13. Love it, gingie bread house, how cuute!
  14. LOL leen! Are treninos "all the rage" at the moment? hehe But I must say, the trenino is a very awesome bag :biggrin:

    Brandee - If its TOO wintery.. then idk if I'll use it year round.. since that would be kinda weird.. sorta. But sometimes I'm like "what do I care? Its cute, I'll use it!" :lol:
  15. I can't wait to get my hands on that sucker!! :graucho: I :love::love::love::love: winter and snow and Christmas and candy canes!!! :yahoo: I think I'm stocking up on this print! :yes: