Vacanze, Metropark

  1. Okay, so today I called my Metropark store (Novi, MI) and spoke to a REALLY great person there about the Toki bags. They still only have Trasporto bags in stock, but she said they should be getting Vacanze by November only they aren't on an exact arrival date. She took my name, number and the print name and style I am interested in, and said she would let me know when they arrive!

    I recently cancelled my Gioco pre-order with Pulse due to lack of funds, but my mom said she would get me a bag from Metropark for Xmas. So I decided to go with a Zucca!

    So, just an update for your Detroit area toki fans!!!!
  2. pulse = no tax o_o;
  3. yeah I know. but I should try and support Michigan since the economy is so bad. Plus pulse doesn't have any left for ore-order, LOL!
  4. Did pulse get theirs in already? The only place so far has been Guam eh?
  5. && free priority shipping :love:

    although i was itching for it to get here last week (or whenever that thread w/ all the vacanze pics was started), i have to pay a ton of cc bills this week so i am afraid i will not be able to afford it...
  6. whats tax in Michigan? I live in southern cali... so its like 7.75% or something T-T I was going to do what you did and call Metro and asked to be put on a list... but since im buying a few vacanze pieces i seriously dont want to pay like 50 bucks in tax lol...

    @kkiimm: :huh:o free priority shipping too?!? :drool:
  7. yep you didn't know that? :biggrin: thats why ii loove shopping at pulse, esp. when they have stuff marked down ~
  8. As of right now it is 6% BUT it is being raised I believe. Mainly because the economy is so bad, and the state spent way more money than it has on who-knows-what, so now we all have to pay more to make up for it. Our state income tax is also going up but I have no idea when. I didn't pay much attention because I am leaving this place in a month! WOO! Off to LA!!!!
  9. i'm originally from detroit! thanks for supporting the economy there!!
  10. I heard I forgot where that Vacanze will be in Ala Moana store Nov. 17th, and next day the foresta...the tokidoki maker will be signing at the ala moana store on the 17th...thats what I heard, but dont know if it's true...
  11. I got my tutti bag from metropark in LV they didn't seem to know about the different names of the bags...