vacanze in valley fair-san jose, ca

  1. i went to the mall today and saw vacanze at metropark. they have a few bags on the floor but i'm pretty sure they have more. the salesperson asked if i wanted to check out other bags for better placement but i had already found what i was looking for--penguins! they also have denaros for those of you who were looking in the bay area. they have a number of them in a glass or plastic cylinder on a clothing rack.

    if you live in the area and are looking, check it out. sadly, i didn't see anything at Nordstrom and didn't bother going to macys after i found my perfect zucca.
  2. Thanks for the report!! :tup::tup:
    Congrats on your, pics, pics!!
  3. Thanks for the info! I might have to stop by! Did they have BVs?
  4. xaznxsimplicity: I didn't see any BVs there. What they had out when I went today around 6pm are: giocos (4), scoluas (2) and zuccas (2). They have a few ciaos ciaos and giocos in the tranport print too if anyone is interested.

    I didn't ask if they have any other styles in the vacanze print in the back somewhere because I don't like it very much now that I've seen it in person. I wanted to see the denaro because I was thinking of getting one in this print. But it doesn't matter now cus I don't think I will be getting one in this print. Thanks Jacdo for posting!
  5. thanks for posting! please post a pic of your zucca! :smile:
  6. from what i've been seeing metros are only been getting giocos, scuolas, zuccas, and denaros... and i've been to 3 of them... unless all three sold out of any other style before i got there or the so cal stores haven't been getting the other styles :smile: