vacanze in toronto

  1. For all the toki lovers in toronto,

    I saw some vacanze last weekend. There was 1 little store in yorkdale that only has 1 zucca and 1 BV. And I saw 1 more store at bayview mall that has a few vacanzes, but by the time i got there the store was closed...
  2. where is bayview mall? do you mean bayview village?
    which store in yorkdale?
    thanks for the heads up!
  3. De Catarina got a huge shipment in today with all styles except the adventura. picked up my BV with the penguins!!:yahoo:
  4. mm...maybe bayview village is what its called, im not so sure because i dont live in toronto but i was there last weekend n i saw it. n i dont remember the name of the store in yorkdale but it is a small bag store that sells suitcases n other bags, it's near aldo
  5. pigalette - are you in Toronto for a visit?

    I went to Yorkdale today
    I know which store you are talking about - it was beside a Crabtree and Evelyn, called Baggery or something?!

    OMG it has such beautiful prints! It has an Avventure in Notte, BV in Vacanze and a Zucca in Vacanze.... there was a good mix of the blue sky with the snow...

  6. yea i went there to visit my boyfriend for the weekend hehe ;P yea that store in yorkdale didn't have much, i almost got the zucca but it didn't have the placement that i wanted, also toki is prolly cheaper here in LA

    if u want to see more variety, try going to the bayview one...i dont really remember where the store is located but they put a lot of vacanze on the storefront so it shouldnt be hard to find ;)
  7. There is also a store called Tashen right off the king st. subway stop that just got tons in yesterday plus some older prints too. They even had a Pirata Zucca!!
  8. Yup - B2 has some.. but the Canadian pricing just kills me !!

    That's the only place I've seen them really.
  9. i want to get a zucca, do you know who sell the cheapest? :confused1:
  10. I refuse to buy in Canada -- why should I when we're getting $1.07 US for our dollar, and US BVs (say) are $160 versus $200 (and then tax) here? Blech.

  11. Pretty much the same boat I'm in.. come on parity ! Reflect in the prices !!!
  12. eBay's been my best friend lately. :graucho: