vacanze in Nordstrom

  1. Hey guys:

    I stopped by several Nordstrom in the past month and a lot of them no longer carry tokidoki, so, does any one know which Nordstrom still carries tokidoki?
    I am in LA by the way!!
  2. Nordstrom in Irvine Spectrum Mall is closest one I can think of to your location. When I went in about a month ago they had a big Trasporto shipment stocked.
  3. South Coast Plaza, the Nordstrom's had some & the Macy's had a HUGE selection.
  4. I saw some Tokidoki at The Grove this past weekend. Macy's always seems to have a good selection (Century City).
  5. Today (sat) I visited several malls and all the Nordstroms are liquidating their Tokidoki stock so I'm starting to wonder myself if they will even have Vacanze... since before they'd keep the black solid prints at retail price since they were still expecting more but that doesn't appear to be the case. Hopefully someone will update if ever they seem them in stores?
  6. I remember a when I was looking for trasporto over a month ago, the sales lady at my nordstroms said trasporto was their last and final print. I corrected her and said that there would be one more released, but looking in hindsight maybe she meant that was the last print they would be carrying.