vacanze goodies after 4 month toki break!

  1. i went a little crazy with spiaggia, so i told myself i couldn't get anymore tokis until vacanze. i can't believe it's been over 4 months since my last toki purchase! anyways, i received my stellina and denaro today... so freaking CUTE!!! :yahoo:as always, CASEY ROCKS!!!!!

    just wanted to share!


  2. gorgeous pieces! i am super jealous :biggrin:
  3. love the denaro =P and that placement on the stellina is awesome! i love the gift-giving couple AND the candy cane girl! gotta love casey~:heart:
  4. that is definately a rockin' stellina and denaro!!
  5. awesome!! luv your denaro placement. casey rocks!
  6. OMG, your placement on the Stellina is PERFECT!!!! I love it!
  7. Awww.. these are sooo cute ! I'm dying for a vacanze piece !
  8. Both are really cute! And I agree that Casey is awesome.
  9. wow! i love that placement on the stellina!!! can we see the bottom and sides too? :smile:
  10. thanks for all the compliments! :tup: i am totally loving my new pieces! :wlae: my 2 favorite scenes (kiddos exchanging presents and candy cane girl) are smack dab on my pockets. what more could a girl ask for? :love: i'm so relieved that there is not one bit of that girl with the lamb hoodie anywhere on my bag. it's weird bc i totally liked the girls from spiaggia. but for some reason, lamb hoodie girl just looks out of place. the bottom of my stellina has the panel of my 2 favorite scenes, so that was a total bonus!!

    oops, i just realized i should have posted these in the vacanze pics thread! :push: