Vacanze Gioco - just got mine :)

  1. I just received my new Vacanze Gioco in the mail today! I ordered it from, using a giftcard I'd been waiting to use. I must've gotten one of the last ones, because the day after I ordered it, it disappeared from the site! Since I was ordering it online, I was worried about placement. Sure enough, I got a bunch of trees and some bells on the front (not what I wanted). I love the back, though - penguins right in the middle :smile: Is it wrong to wear the bag with the back showing instead :p? I told myself, if I don't like the placement I can always return it, but now that I have it in my hands, I doubt I'll go through with it!

    I also ordered a Trasporto Zucca over the weekend, it just shipped out today. I can't wait to get it, because I like all of the Trasporto print.

    About me...I'm a TD newbie. I got a Notte Campeggio last fall mainly for functionality (which I love love love!), I use it everyday when out w/my two kids (ages 1 and 3). Didn't obsess over the prints 'til recently and when I found out the LSS/TD collaboration was ending, I panicked and bought the Gioco and Zucca.
    Oh how I wish I knew about Foresta a couple of years ago! My dream bag is a Foresta Zucca :love:

    (top, bottom and side pics in the set if you click on the photos below)


  2. Your gioco is wonderful! I absolutely adore the placement of the penguins and the deer! These bags are all about individuality, so I say, wear it whatever way you want! ;)
  3. how can you tell the front from the back? i thought that both sides were the same on the giocos and zuccas. guess i'm wrong!!!
  4. there's a zippered pocket and qee on the "front"
  5. Soooo cute! I just love that print!
  6. You could always resell it on eBay and wait for one to be listed that you like instead? They're some pretty good deals on the Vacanze, mainly because it's a seasoned print, which isn't a big deal to me since I'm still using my MM until I can get myself to empty the contents and switch to another print.
  7. Congrats on you Vacanze Gioco! I actually like the front of your Gioco! Adios Snowboarding and I can see the little yeti girl peeking out from strap!
  8. How cute! I love the deer on the back :smile:
    and congrats on the bag :smile:
  9. with the gioco I don't really think it matters which side you wear it on but show off those penguins ^^
  10. Cute print placement! Definitely a keeper.

    Just curious, what print placement were you hoping to get?
  11. Preciouscloud - thx!i love the penguin & deer, too :smile:

    peatie - i've never sold on eBay, so i'm afraid i'd get taken advantage of somehow :p Luckily I bought it from Nordstrom, so I could return it anytime.
    Hillbilly Bunny, djr0658, Innocence, penance - thank you! :balloon:

    mcnyc - I was hoping to get less of the xmas trees, so it looks a little less seasonal, like the back of the bag. Still unsure if I'm keeping it, esp since I also bought a Trasporto Zucca and Famiglia Stellina since I last posted here:shame:! I need to put more "credit" back to my credit card!