Vacanze carabiner

  1. For those of you using your Vacanze bags and maybe hope to sell it second-hand in future, be careful about using the carabiner. I used mine just twice to hold a bunch of keys and the matte coating has already started coming off in scratches and peels. Just a heads up. :hysteric:
  2. really? I've used mine a bunch of times now and it's still in perfect condition....=/
  3. i don't use mine at all. i prefer using the pockets for things like that.
  4. Oh really ? That's crappy to know.. I'm so careless with the karabiners in the bag, you'd think they'd be more durable than that !
  5. My bunch of keys are on a metal keyring that I hook onto the carabiner. If your keyring is made of softer material like PVC or cloth or thread you'd be fine I think.
  6. I've never had that problem with any of my Toki carabiners. The only issue I have ever encountered with paint peeling is on the OP zipper pulls. I've been using my Vacanze Avventura for almost 2 weeks non-stop with no issues with the carabiner and I have the keys to my suitcase attached to it so I use it everyday. (I'm currently traveling.) Maybe you just got a defective one?
  7. Idk if it is a defective one or matter of time before coating comes off on others. As long as it is a coating it will come off. If it's part of the manufacturing process for the metal then it won't. But the carabiner material underneath is nice shiny silver!
  8. Hmm, odd. :confused1: Like I said I have never had that problem and I have owned a few of my Toki bags since early 2006. Maybe I have just been lucky.:shrugs: