Vacanze BV? MM? Avventura? Preview!!

  1. Here's a sneak peek; from LeSportsac Japan website!


    Oh yeah, note, it's with the Adios Qee, so I guess no new qee for Transporto and Vancanze.
  2. It's so cute! I'm so glad I preordered a zucca, denaro, and cucciolo!
  3. OMG so cute. oohh I hope they make a mamma mia!!
  4. Ooo:huh:Oh! Too cute; I cannot wait :yahoo:
  5. yayyness i think its super cute :biggrin: i can't wait for my gioco lolz
  6. :nuts: O:huh::huh:o! I want mine now!:drool:
  7. thats super cute. I think I will have to collect all of them. haha...cant wait:tup:
  8. I love the penguins and toasty kid next to them!!
  9. Super cute! I think I'll put the Adios Qee on my AS Star gioco, though... and buy the snowman Qee from Qeester ;)
  10. ooooo cute cute cute!!!! i love it!!! im soo glad i preordered!!! :biggrin:
  11. omg!! thanks for posting this..
    i absolutely can't wait:wlae:
  12. Wow. The print is really big! I think this is a BV (by counting the LeSportsac zippers and the size of the Qee)...Am I right? Squeeeal! I am sooo excited. =X It's too cute! I love the Yetis!
  13. that's such a cute print on that bag!
  14. Ooh the print is so adorable on a bag, I bet it's hard to get a bad placement with it! I haven't really been liking the prints lately but this one I am definitely getting :yes:
  15. OMG! I LOVE it way more than I thought I would! Thanks for the preview! I was really wondering what color the straps would be. I pre-ordered a Bambinone, and I will hope they have Mamma Mia, otherwise, I'm tempted to go with a BV to get the full print! I Lovin' it! Thanks for sharing!