Vacanze at Virgin Megastore!

  1. I just got home from vacation at Disney World and while I was there I went to the Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney. I asked the girl working there if they had any Tokidoki bags and she told me the new ones were upstairs in the backroom. She offered to bring them down for me and of course I said YES PLEASE! Vacanze is so cute in person! They only had the Stellinas, Giocos, Ciaos, Ciao Ciaos and Denaros so far so I didn't buy any (I really want a Campeggio and possibly a Zucca) but I thought I'd let everybody know that they are available for sale now there. :smile:

    I saw them on Thursday but she told me they were going out on the floor this morning.

    I did buy 2 Tokidoki t-shirts there too and I love them! I wore one today. :tup:
  2. i want a stellina.. and.. a ciao.. and a .... denaro.. :lol:
  3. I wish the ones in NYC had a better selection, the one in Union Square only has shirts and hoodies, and the one in Times Square only has Tutti (as of 9/30). I'll check the TS location on Thursday to see if they got any Transporto in!
  4. I'm so jealous you got to see the print IRL! how did it look on the gioco? I pre-ordered one but am debating between keeping that or getting a BV so I have more print.....
  5. Which t-shirts did you buy? :graucho:
  6. Honestly I think it isn't a great print for a Gioco - you could only see the ski lift scene below the zipper on the one I saw. I think a BV would be a lot better for displaying the print. :smile:
  7. I got the brown Pirate one and a light blue one with the Rocker boy from Paradiso on it on sale for $15. :tup: They had a great selection of Toki stuff - tee shirts, hoodies, toys, stationary - it was so fun seeing it all in person.
  8. gabes_mommy
    Boo!! I was there last weekend (Oct.13) and they had NO toki bags!! Not a one! The SA told me they were completely sold out. :tdown: However, I did buy a Rocker tee for $15 too!! Heehee!! :yahoo:...and I bought the Nintendo controller CD case. Did you see it? Too cool!

    Stationary?!?!!! I didn't see it. :sad:

  9. Wow...congrats...those shirts were great buys!! :party::party:
    It's hard to resist toki when you see it in person. :sweatdrop:
  10. Yay!! I finally saw Vacanze IRL!!
    Today I went to the Virgin Megastore (again) and drooled for a bit. It's really cute!! It was nice to see the print in person and getting a good idea of print placement and character sizes.

    Except now I am more confused about what style bag to get. [​IMG] I wish they would've had Dolces, Bambinos, and Bambinones. [​IMG]

    I gawked at all their Ciaos FOREVER, the SAs must've thought I was nuts! [​IMG] Gosh, Ciaos are so freaking CUTE! [​IMG]

    Ahywho ... I didn't get anything because I didn't absoltely LOVE any of the print placements. I'm so picky! [​IMG] On the bright side, I saw a Canguro & a Stellina IRL for the first time! The Canguro is pretty BIG, [​IMG] BUT super cute! Totally want one -- in another print. [​IMG]

    If anyone's planning to visit Disney World any time soon, Virgin has these bag styles:

    Ciao Ciao

    ... but be advised, the SA told me they are flying off the rack!