VACANZE at Metropark Illinois Store

  1. Just got back from Metropark in Woodfield Mall - Shaumburg, Il, and they had about 7 vacanze giocos, 5 vacanze zuccas and even deneros!!!! i never get to pick deneros around here! there were three left after i purchased one with the gingerbread house on it. there was also a cute one with the japanese girl holding the candle with the flying letter.

    they still had some tranzporto and tuttis left from their previous shipment. i didn't ask, but the metropark on halsted might have gotten them in as well. they are so nice at that store. they called me to let me know earlier in the week that they had come in.

    i forgot to add that they did have a few scuolas as well.
  2. yup mine had at least 5-6 denaros as the SA told me on the phone :biggrin: i got one that's someone else's perfect placement so i get to trade it for one that's my perfect placement. the other ones they had didn't stand out to me.

    i'm a bit bummed mine had less bags than yours, but i guess i should just be happy that i got my gioco from pulse.. i was hoping my metropark would have more zuccas but when i asked today they only had the 2 that were out on the salesfloor.
  3. Wow! That is great to hear! Congrats on your denaro.
  4. OMG! There are Tokidokis in Woodfield!!!!! I had no idea.
  5. Yes!!! Metropark just opened at Woodfield Mall the end of September. They have another location (on Halsted in Chicago) but it is just too hard to get to from Wisconsin. Traffic is horrible. They have some t-shirts and hoodies as well. I must say, I wish I had a use for the scuola because they are darn cute in this print!
  6. Any of the styles on sale?