vacanze at macy's yet? (esp San Diego)

  1. any word of this yet? i've been calling and the macy's around have no idea when they'll be getting them in... thanks all :upsidedown:
  2. I was wondering the same thing...
  3. I called and they told me that they are behind every other Macys because of the fires
  4. not in stonestown san francisco
  5. I checked the Macy's at Fashion Valley Mall and Horton Plaza Mall yesterday and they weren't in stock.
  6. nothing in the sd ones from what i have seen.
  7. No vacanze at South Coast Plaza Macys either
  8. None at downtown SF macy's either or bloomingdales!
  9. Not in Seattle either.....
  10. not in NY either :sad:
  11. Downtown Seattle has theirs. So does the Macy's at Southcenter.
  12. Or in the Menlo Park Macy's in NJ.
  13. not at sun valley mall in corcord, ca... but there are couple of ladies (not SA, but have an 'authorized visitor' sticker on their shirts, one was carrying a tutti ciao) there redoing the lesportsac/todokidi section. one of the lady pulled out a lot of familiga print... i am wondering if they are ready to take out the vacanze and put the rest (transporto, familiga, tutti, notte & bianco) on sale. i asked the SA at the coach counter but she said she doesn't know. maybe i should check back tomorrow.
  14. Just wanted to let you know that the I visited the following San Diego department stores today, and they have Vacanze in stock:

    Fashion Valley Mall: Bloomingdale's
    Mission Valley Mall: Macy's

    I have the day off tomorrow, so I'm gonna drive up to North County Fair then down to the South County San Diego Malls to check out the Macy's Toki stock there.
  15. South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island Macy's both have Vacanze:tup:

    They must have either put them out today or yesterday.

    I managed to get a Ciao (my very first) for me and a Dolce (for my Mom for Xmas) with the complete penguin family and Adios snowboarding . They had one other Ciao at Fashion Island. Two other Dolces at Fashion Island had the complete penguin family on both sides.

    I did even better with the Campeggio. I got penguins everywhere it seems and the girl only once on the bottom of the bag.

    I really wanted a Stellina but I didn't like any of the fronts (and I looked > 10 Stellinas). Penguins just did not happen on any of the pockets or fronts. Backs were nice but My Stelllina pockets have to be just so.
    Vacanze front.jpg vacanze backs.jpg