va va voom in ivory??

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  1. Hi girls,

    Just wondering if anyone has the va va boom in ivory as I am considering buying it for spring….how does it wear? Is it terribly easy to get dirty?

    If anyone has any thoughts please share! :smile::smile:
  2. in my opinion is too clear but I don't have it
  3. I have va va vooms, and I have white bags. My opinion is that if you don't carry it every day, and you pre-treat it will remain white and perfect for a long time.
  4. Hi, I have a python Va-Va Voom which is coated and easy to clean. I own other white leather V bags & think there are a couple of tips. Watch the color transfer from dark leather or denim. Consider pre-treating either professionally or a spray. Inspect after each carry and clean with a leather cleaner & consider shoe whitener for dark spots-see pics for some ideas. ( [with ATTACH]2561005[/ATTACH

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  5. thanks for the advice….i am thinking i will go for it and have it treated professionally before i wear it with anything dark….

    unless you think i should go for the more 'blush' colour….?? so torn at the moment which is odd for me as i am always so decisive
  6. this one?

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  7. I have the ivory and the taupe.
    I sprayed both with MK Rain and Stain. I haven't had any problems so far. I got them at least a year ago. I can't remember exactly.
    This style doesn't really hand down low enough to get to my jeans.
    Love them both. The ivory is beautiful.

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