V8 vegetable juice question

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  1. It says it has 2 servings of vegetables per 8 ounces of the stuff.. and I don't get to eat a lot of veggies, are they a good substitute for the real thing? Can I rely just on it to get my recommended daily serving? I understand that I won't be getting as much fiber as I would, but do I still get the same benefits? :confused1:

    Hope someone can help me:shame:
  2. Drinking those things is better than not intaking any veggies, however the enormous amount of sodium in these drinks tends to negate the health benefits.
  3. I try to drink an 8 oz glass of low sodium V8 everyday, especially in the winter when the fruits and veggies I like are not in season. The PP is right, regular V8 is very high in sodium, but the low sodium stuff is not too bad and gives you a good amount of potassium and other nutrients you need!
  4. Emily, that's what I thought, it is better than nothing! But I definitely don't want to kill my kidneys! :yucky:

    Steph, thanks for the tip! :flowers: I'll be buying some low sodium V8 later! I've only tried V8 Fusion so I'm looking forward to trying this one and drink it everyday too!
  5. I love low sodium V8!
  6. What about the V8 fusion? It's veggie juice plus fruit juice - anyone know the specs on that? I've been drinking the peach mango - it's pretty good :P
  7. V.Fusion is delicious...I drink it every day. It has a full serving of vegetable and a full serving of fruit in each drink. and the flavors are yummy. i cant stand eating vegetables.:jammin:
  8. Does V8 Fusion have a lot of sugar and calories?
  9. I just drink v8 just because I love the taste, and I eat veggies too. I don't worry about the salt, because my sodium levels are always low when I get my bloodwork done :shrugs:
  10. Heat some low-sodium V8 in the microwave. Then eat it like soup.

    It will be the best tomato soup you have ever tasted.

    I like to add some chunks of firm tofu or cooked skinless chicken breast.
  11. I love V8. If you ever get the urge you can squeeze some fresh lemon into it-- so refreshing.
  12. I think the only thing that bothers me about V8 is the sodium. And if the label says anything like "natural flavors" or "added" flavors is just another word for MSG. One of many that the FDA allows. I also think the sugar content in V8 and V8 Fusion is pretty high. Not to mention there is no fiber content which is one of the most important things you want when eating fruits and veggies.
  13. If you're looking for other good substitutes for fruits and some veggies you guys should check out Bolthouse Farms' drinks... If you've ever heard/seen the Naked drinks they're like that only they actually taste good. They've got ones for protein that are mocha, vanilla cappacino, and chai flavored, one called "C-Boost" which has 1200% of your daily amount of vitamin c. I like to drink that if I think I'm getting sick. One called "Green Goodness" which has blue-green algae in it but again unlike Naked's version of it, it actually tastes good, although it is a bit tart. Basically, I figure I don't eat well so I might as well drink well right? So I drink those guys whenever I don't have time to eat in the morning or maybe I am craving a snack. I find them in a refrigerated area in the produce section of the grocery stores I go to.
  14. I LOVE the low sodium V-8....of course, it's always better to eat fresh fruits and veggies...but as a supplemental drink...or to cook with...it's great

    Here's a previous post of mine that has a recipe using V-8...it's tasty, and best of all, quick to make, and relatively healthy if you use the low sodium V-8, no sodium canned tomatoes and low fat turkey sausage.